Tweek in Review: The Week’s Best Tweets

The golf world is alive and well on Twitter, sharing some insight into the lives of the best players on the planet — on and off the course. Here are our favorite tweets from the week that was.

1) J.D. Phone Home

2) Da Bear

3) Follow The Pack

4) Crikey, Look At The Size of that Croc!

5) What A Surprise

6) Dressing The Part

7) Men At Work

8) Aloha from Maui

9) Batter’s Up

“@therealrickiefowler: Took a little BP this morning with the @cardinals in rotation with my buddies Allen Craig and Matt Holliday…I did not have warning track power but I got some air under it at least”

10) NYC Turned Gotham City

11) Settin’ Up Shop

12) Top Tier Athletes

13) Let Me Take A #Selfie

14) Daily Driven

15) Dennis Rodman Sighting

16) Latest Wedge Stamps

17) Step Into History

18) Tiny Adjustments for JD

Image on Twitpic

19) Bubba’s Biscuit Bash

20) Legendary Outing

21) B9N Ambassadors On The Road

22) Daily Dose of Vitamin D

23) Practice with the Pooch

24) Cobra’s Spring Break Swimsuit

25) It’s In The Family

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