Tweek in Review: This Week’s Best Tweets

The golf world is alive and well on Twitter, sharing some insight into the lives of the best players on the planet — on and off the course. Here are our favorite tweets from the week that was.

1) Like Father, Like Son 


2) Until Next Year


3) CIT: Caddy In Training 


4) We Talkin’ Bout Practice?!

Rory As Of Recent: 
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5) Perfect, Now Who Brought the Baileys?


 6) Dustin (Drizzy) Johnson


7) I’m More Concerned He Took the Plastic Top Off..

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8) Becoming One With Nature


More Daly:
Where’s John Daly? Downstream Casino
– John Daly is Tutu Much
– John Daly Tells Miley Cyrus He’s Still Having Sex at 47


9) Can I Get An Amen!


10) Tearing It Up


11) They See Me Rollin’


12) Buddies Don’t Poop On Buddies 



13) Thanksgiving Throwback

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14) Thankful To Be Home


15) This HAS To Be a Sick Joke…


16) Oops I Did It Again

Keeping Up With Keegan: 
– Keegan Bradley Emulates Kramer, Whales Beware!
– Keegan Bradley Has Howard Stern Withdrawal
– Keegan Bradley Stamps “Baba Booey” On His Wedge
– Keegan Bradley + WWE = Howard Stern


17) Not a Bad Way To Start The Day 


18) Feeling a Bit Catty 


19) Stylin’ Son


20) Eager Beaver 


21) Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

More Bubba: 
Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si is No Bubba Watson
Bubba Watson Plays Through an Office Cubicle 
Bubba Watson Down on the Farm 


22) Yeah…Don’t Quit Your Day-Job Lady


23) Indian Style



24) It’s A Race, I’m Winning!


25)  Winning Feast



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