10 Absurd Trophies On Tour

If there’s something golf fans everywhere can agree on, it’s that our sport has some pretty interesting trophy designs.

From creatures of the sea to knives, to even one that is for mature audiences only, in celebration of National Absurdity Day, here are 10 of the most absurd trophies handed out on Tour.

Qatar Masters

We get this weird trophy list started with one you don’t see anywhere else on the world Tours. The Qatar Masters gives its winner this unusual prize featuring a giant oyster on top of a girthy, pedestal. This friendly mother of pearl mollusk was actually inspired by the history of the golf state and is said to weigh quite a bit. Good luck holding that one over your head after the victory. 

Omega Dubai Desert Classic

The Dubai Desert Classic is a staple of the early part of the European Tour season, and the winner gets a trophy that looks like a giant coffee pot that you’d probably never use. Hopefully, it comes with shipping fees included because there is no way that’s fitting in the overhead bin in the plane on the way home! 

Trophee Hassan II

The winner of the European Tour’s Trophee Hassan II receives this sharp (pun intended) prize. It is a jewel encrusted dagger that can be used for multiple things such as a quick shave or survival in the woods. Good luck getting that thing through customs! 

Omega Dubai Ladies Masters

The winner of the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters get to take home this frightening piece of hardware. In what looks like a prop out of a horror movie, this half crow, half nun figure is sure to scare the bejesus out of whoever looks at your mantel. BMW Charity Pro-Am

Now here’s a trophy all car lovers will love. The Tour’s BMW Charity Pro-Am gives out this replica steering wheel to its winner. Unfortunately, the rest of the car isn’t included.

WINSTON Golf Senior Open

The European Senior Tour proudly hands out this burnt piece of wood with a golf ball glued to it to its champion. Nothing commemorates a victory like something that looks like it belongs in the trash. 

Nelson Mandela Championship

In an ode to the father of modern day South Africa, the winner of the Nelson Mandela Championship received this unusual piece of hardware depicting him reading to a culturally diverse group of children.

LPGA Longs Drugs Challenge


While they’ve since changed the name of the event and the trophy, there is no way we were going to pass this one up. Christie Kerr won the Longs Drugs Challenge back in 2002 and would’ve become an instant meme if the internet was a thing back then. Fortunately for us, it is now. 

Castello Masters

The winner of the Castello Masters gets to take home this trophy that looks more like a cartoon character than an actual trophy. Sergio Garcia has won it twice. Slightly different than a green jacket. 

KEB-HanaBank Championship

This interesting trophy is handed out at the LPGA KEB-HanaBank Championship in South Korea. While there is probably some significance to the design we couldn’t tell you what it is, besides looking like a wooden rabbit.