10 Amateur Bunker Fails

Feeling like it is already the longest week ever, well get ready to laugh at other people failing with a round up of 10 hilarious amateur bunker fails.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again

We get this bunker fail list started with a sequence that you are probably familiar with. This determined young lady was going to do whatever it took to get this ball out of the sand despite how many attempts it would take her. Each time, the ball rolled embarrassingly right back to her feet. She then receives some instruction from the person filming that she needs to hit closer to the ball. Sure enough, she tries that and the same result occurs. Finally, on the last try, she makes decent enough contact to get it out. Isn’t golf fun?

Face plant

Bunkers on links-style courses can be a pain to play from especially when your ball comes to rest where you don’t have a stance. The obvious logical choice is to play it from your knees like this guy does. However, maintaining your balance is key…unlike this guy! 



Hasselhoff from the beach …

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Where do we even begin here? From the terrible cross-handed swing to the total whiff, to falling like an idiot into the water. You can’t make this stuff up. Wow.



I really thought my bunker game was better than this…

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Even the 2012 U.S. Amateur champion can have some trouble out of the sand. Granted this shot is incredibly difficult to elevate that quickly, but the ricochet and almost taking it in the face is what really got us. 

Dig in


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Finding your footing in the sand is crucial, but this guy needs a whole lot more than that. After digging in, he takes a mighty whack and as expected loses his balance while his friends can’t stop laughing. 

Got all of that one


This guy still beat me #unco #pig #collierparkgolfcourse #golffail #golf #bigswingnoding

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While we should probably give this guy the benefit of the doubt because of the lie, we aren’t going to. After choking way down with his feet in the bunker, he attempts to advance the ball, however, he immediately loses his balance and takes a spill. To his credit, he gets up and dusts himself off.

Fourth time’s a charm

We’ve all have been here before. When it seems like it can’t get any worse, you hit that one shot that makes it all worth it…even if it doesn’t go in the hole! 



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We go back to the links for this hilarious fail. Just as we saw earlier in this list, those pesky pot bunkers can really make somebody look dumb and this is just another classic example.

Pick it up

Wow! We need to catch our breath after that one from laughing too hard. After around the sixth or seventh try, you’d think he’d pick it up. But no. He does the honorable thing and plays it until it’s out. That bunker’s going to require quite a raking. 


While this is technically an amateur list, this display from Rory was almost amateur-esque. Granted it occurred at Royal Troon’s famed “postage stamp” eighth hole which is as tough as they come.