10 Amateurs Breaking Drivers

Drivers are usually the biggest and most expensive club in your bag, but they are also among the most fragile. One mishit could send the clubhead flying farther than the ball.

Here’s a list of 10 amateurs unintentionally breaking drivers.

Production Value 


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The beautiful part of this club break video is the production value. First, this sweet swinging lefty makes a decent move at the ball with driver, but as soon as he makes contact, the head goes flying off. While our initial reaction would be to break down laughing immediately, this obviously experienced cameraman followed the club head with a cinematic zoom in slow motion as it tumbled past the ladies tees. Then, without hesitation, he zooms back out in time to catch the awesome shaft flip and double pistols. Plus we can’t discount the voice modulation as with any slo-mo video. Excellent work all around! 

Got a Hold of That One! 

We’ve all drop kicked a drive or two in our day, but this is the most hilarious of them all. Normally, you’ll bounce the club off the ground into the ball which usually results in a less than ideal shot. It’s a different story when the head snaps off before getting to the ball. Look at that distance! 

Spark Of Genius

Trick shots are all the rage nowadays, but you better be good at them or they could get expensive. The hand-eye coordination it takes to square up a moving golf ball with the face of a driver should never be underestimated. You have to do all of that while making sure not to make solid contact with the ground. Hopefully, that spark his club created gave him the idea to either never do this again, or practice on grass.


Whether this was done as a joke or not, it was great. Normally people will throw a rock or another ball at somebody else mid-swing. Not these guys. They go full driver toss in the middle of this dude’s swing and the result was exactly what you’d expect.

Follow Through

This aggressive club tester seemed to miscalculate his follow through so badly that the driver he was hitting is now in two pieces. Protip: if you are going to hit balls indoors, make sure you have enough room to complete your swing. If you break it, you buy it! 

Not-So-Happy Gilmore

In an attempt to recreate the Happy Gilmore’s famous running swing, this millennial failed miserably. He caught the ball with the heel of the club and sent the head flying into the beautiful blue ocean. While his reaction is like he just saw a ghost, our favorite part is listening to the head hit the rocks. Looks like vacation’s over!


The anticipation leading up to this broken driver swing is palpable. First, they make sure they are rolling, then the person filming adjusts the zoom so it’s just right. Finally, the golfer takes his stance and delivers the heel of the club into the ball first causing the head to immediately eject, just like how they drew it up! 


This is why you shouldn’t attempt a trick shot if you don’t know what you’re doing. This genius decides to bounce a ball off a yardage marker and hit it out of mid-air but makes contact on the heel, which usually is a death sentence for a driver. While the camera work gives it an artsy feel considering we don’t see the club break in real time, we hear it and, more importantly, we see the aftermath.


This poor woman makes a mess of her bay at the driving range. Not only does she snap the head off the club, she takes out the safety divider and scatters her bucket of balls. Although, the sheer look of embarrassment immediately afterward is perfect.

The Aftermath


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After the laughing and anger that comes with a club breaking subside, you typically still have a round to finish. While most would decide to use the rest of their bag for the remainder of the round, this one golfer was not to be deterred.

Now realistically this is a terrible idea, but maybe a terrible idea was what broke his club in the first place, so who knows. We can all just hope that he either didn’t play the whole round this way or let every group behind him play through because this might have taken a while.