10 Awesome Skip Shots

The skip shot has been a part of golf for as long as we can remember. Granted it isn’t exactly the go-to shot for most pros under pressure situations, but it does lend itself to some great fun and boarder-line unbelievable videos. While probably the most famous ones occur during Masters week on the par-3 16th, pros and amateurs alike have been working on perfecting the art of skip. We did you a favor and rounded up some of the best we found on all levels and compiled them for you into a little list we like to call “10 Awesome Skip Shots.”

Paige Spiranac


Used to skip rocks when I was younger and now I’m skipping golf balls haha #golf #callaway @callawaygolf

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Ms. Spiranac leads us off with this nifty low-burner that took about four hops off the pond until it found dry land. Judging by her reaction, she was just as impressed as we were when we saw this video. Well done, Paige! 

Martin Kaymer

Every year during Tuesday’s practice round at the Masters, the 16th hole at Augusta turns into the pros’ playground as they attempt to skip balls across the pond and land them on the green. Martin Kaymer does one better during the 2012 edition when he holed out this unbelievable shot. It truly is a tradition unlike any other!



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These three gentlemen clearly thought this shot through given one of them was on the other side of the pond with a target set up. While we don’t know exactly how many tries this took, it was still impressive. Chances are he can probably knock a pelican off its perch too.


We love this one simply because of how genuine this guy’s reaction is. Stepping up to the ball and asking your buddy if he’s recording is usually the first sign it’s not going to go well. However, in a sudden twist of fate, he hoods the club, somehow doesn’t chunk it, and it skips it across safely – with a Tiger-esque fist pump to boot.

Tee It High


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In a bit of a different set-up, this gentleman puts his ball on what appears to be some sort of batting tee without the home plate and takes a smooth baseball swing with driver. The ball skims off the water, pops up in the air, and lands safely on the other side. Judging by the “gallery’s” reaction, it was obviously the first time they saw something like this. 

Tiger Woods

This shot from Tiger back in the day makes you realize how much control he had over the ball when he was younger. He essentially plays his patented stinger into the pond with a baby draw just like he probably drew it up in his mind. We’d like to imagine he was calling for “ONE YARD” as it reached the other side.


Even though the video isn’t exactly clear, at least the audio is. These people set up a bucket across the pond and obviously were not expecting to skip it home on the first try. You can’t teach confidence. 

Slo Mo

Skipping balls across the water is one thing. Skipping balls across the water and filming it in slow motion is another. This guy puts a heck of a move on this one and skips it several times until it safely reaches the other side. No successful skip shot is complete without a club twirl! 

Vijay Singh

We head back to the 16th at Augusta where Vijay Singh made a “splash” with this amazing ace. He skipped it off the pond per the usual, but once it made it across, it follwed the contours of the green perfectly until it found the bottom of the cup. If we know Vijay, he’s probably worked on this shot thousands of times at the range.

Doing The Bull Dance, Feeling The Flow

This amateur takes home the last spot on the list simply because the group’s reaction is amazing. Whether he was trying to skip it across the pond or not will be a mystery, but frankly it doesn’t matter. When you bust out the bull dance, you’ve already won.