10 Awful Golf Stock Photos

Stock photography is a crucial part of visualizing an event or illustrating a story. However, not all stock images are created equal, especially when it comes to generic golf images. While they do enough to convey a message to make a point, they usually won’t be winning any kind of awards.

From selfies to family portraits, here are 10 of the worst golf stock photos we found.

Backward Bags

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There is no better way to start a stock photo list than with two grown men carrying a golf bag the wrong way. Not only does it scream amateur, it captures the true essence of somebody who could not care less about what photo they use. 

The amount of clubs they are carrying is also a bit suspect. Standard bags usually have 14 since that’s the rule. Unless the gentleman in the awful blue vest is good enough to go full Tin Cup and only play with a 7-iron, he may want to rethink his set.


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Here we have a gentleman who obviously is thrilled he just drained a putt, but the timing of the photo is a bit peculiar. Judging by what we know about knocking in a putt, you’d have to basically have to putt from your knees in order to catch the exact moment before the ball drops into the whole to get this shot. Nice double bogey save, though. 


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If you live in the 21st century, chances are you’ve taken a selfie, or at the very least know what a selfie is. This situation happens all too often, but it’s not every day you’re able to capture a selfie from an outsider’s perspective. While this couple is cute and all, why didn’t they just ask the person snapping this photo to take a picture of themselves? 

Putter Off The Tee

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Unless this photo is used in a lesson of what not to do, we’re not really sure what use it has at all. Everybody knows you don’t tee up a putter, especially from the rough. Also, what kind of putter is that? While the fat red shaft may be some sort of prototype, we haven’t exactly see it on tour.

Awkward Celebration

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Look at this happy golfing couple. Obviously, something went this woman’s way, but what exactly was it? Did she just hole a long putt for birdie? Did they just find out they became grandparents? Whatever the case, we’re happy for them, but sad this is an actual stock photo people use.

Come On Man!

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Cell phones on the golf course have become the norm and mostly a distraction, besides at clubs that ban them from being out on the course, which is few and far between. Here we have one guy who appears to be elated to be on the phone while the other man is clearly not thrilled. It’s a stock juxtaposition if we’ve ever seen one. Hang up and hit the ball, man! 

It’s All In The Hips

There is no better photo that sums up golf’s stereotypical lesson than one person standing behind the other so they can “feel” the proper movements. Whether these people are a couple or he’s her teacher (or both), it doesn’t help the fact of how inappropriately awful this photo is. It’s all in the hips! 

Way Too Happy

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This guy either just smoked a drive or duffed it off the tee. Honestly, judging by his reaction we aren’t sure. Plus the lady who is presumably his wife is giving us the old “wow, did you see that one” hand to the forehead, which can go either way, too. The real question is in what world would somebody want to use this photo!

Say Cheese

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Family stock photos are usually pretty cheesy, and doing it on the golf course doesn’t make them any better. While it’s great to get everybody out to the course, the look if this wife’s face is all you need to see. There’s nothing better than having to force a smile to make your husband happy. Here’s a free lesson: don’t use it! 


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Whichever photographer these newlyweds hired to take their photos should not be doing weddings moving forward. While the latest trick shot craze is to hit the ball out of somebody’s mouth, this seems a little much. Welcome to the rest of your life, buddy.