10 Bill Murray Golf Fashion Statements

Bill Murray is one of the biggest personalities in the world, and fans the world over share a love and admiration for this fun loving goofball. 

While you can’t miss his antics on the golf course, you also can’t miss his wardrobe, flashy does not even do it justice. Everything from different wacky hats to printed pants, to even overalls, Murray has worn it all.

In fact, he’s so into the fashion game, he launched his own clothing line towards the end of 2016 called William Murray Golf. Have no fear, the items you’ll see on this list are not included – yet. So take a look as some of his wackier outfits to get some inspiration on how to celebrate the legend’s 69th birthday tomorrow.

Flower Hat

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Of all the hats Bill Murray has worn in his day, few compare to this spectacular straw flower hat. What significance it may have we don’t know, but it definitely makes a statement. You got to be pretty confident to pull this one off, or be on your way to the Kentucky Derby. 

Pinup Girl Pants

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Take a minute to soak this one in. On the top, we have a button-down shirt and a vest that appears to be a size too large. Then we have those pants with pinup girls printed on them. 

Cow Print Pants

Woah, cowboy! Bill made a statement with these cow print pants in 2015. While the hat probably isn’t considered a cowboy hat, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Got to respect the cow print shoes, as well! 

Polka Dots

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Polka dots are always in style in Bill’s book, apparently, even if you are wearing stripes. We also have to note the facial hair. Whether it was done for a movie or if he lost a bet, we’re glad we got a chance to experience it. 

Chicago Cubs Pants

Bill Murray is a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan and 2016 was a year to remember with them winning the World Series for the first time in over 100 years. Perhaps in a bit of foreshadowing, he rocked these Cubs pants during the AT&T that same year. Got to love the hat as well.


Murray wore this masterpiece during 2012. If you are going to go full camo, you might as well have leafy frills on it too. While we doubt he was trying to actually hide from anybody, one can’t help but think of that camo bucket hat his character, Carl Spackler, wears in Caddyshack. 

Umbrella Hat

Back in 2013, Bill wore the ever popular umbrella hat during his round. While it appeared to be sunny that day, Murray was prepared for the elements. He even threw a little patriotism in there as well.

Putting Green

We throw it back to this 1995 with this phenomenal hat. Made of astroturf, this golf beret has a flag and a ball fixed to it, like a putting green, but for your head. Perfect for the golf nut, insane for everybody else! 

Hairy Visor

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While this gem of a picture didn’t occur at the AT&T, it was too good to pass up. The visor with hair is a timeless classic for anybody seeking attention, especially for those who don’t have hair themselves, and have no problem looking ridiculous. In Bill’s case, it’s just another day at the office making people smile. 


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Nothing screams you’re an amateur quite like wearing overalls to the course, let alone a PGA event. Bill pulled off the look flawlessly back in 1996. It’s strange this trend didn’t catch on!