10 Comical Amateur Golf Fails

This sport can be difficult, and even the pros aren’t perfect all the time. While their mistakes are usually smaller in nature, amateur golfer mistakes tend to be a bit bigger, and therefore more humorous.

While we all have had our own version of blunders on the course, it’s always easier to laugh at others than ourselves. So here are 10 hilariously comical amateur golf bloopers to brighten your day.

So close, yet so wet

We get this amateur fail list started with this determined fellow who was set on playing his ball out of the hazard. After removing his socks and shoes, he assumes the position with his feet submerged and takes a mighty whack.

Somehow he manages to advance it on to dry land while getting drenched in the process. When he finally realizes where it is, he flashes a look of accomplishment to the camera. But that was short lived as the ball tumbled back into the water. Just to add insult to injury, he slips and falls right back into the drink. 

Somebody Get This Kid a Putter! 

This poor kid experienced in one sitting what most adult golfers experience through years of playing the game. Thankfully he probably doesn’t know any four letter words used to describe his feelings, yet. Don’t worry little guy, it only gets worse! 

Please Get Past The Forward Tees


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Everybody knows that if you don’t hit it past the forward tees, you play the hole with your pants down. And if you didn’t, now you do. But what happens if you don’t get it passed on the second try? Apparently, this guy found out.

The Bird


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There are so many things going on here, it’s almost impossible to choose our favorite part. Could it be the pathetic attempt at the swing? Or could it be the fact his club ended up in the water? Or maybe it was the guy flipping off his friend who was filming? Whatever the case, it was gold. 

Casual Water


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We are going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt since he’s playing in the rain, but that still doesn’t make this putt right. It’s one thing to get it halfway to the hole. It’s another to not even get it a quarter of the way there. We’ll just assume he holed the next one. At least the heavy stuff won’t come down for a while. 


This poor guy thought it would be a good idea to hit drives into the rocks with his buddy. Clearly, it backfired. After what seemed like decent contact, the ball came rocketing back at him knocking him off his feet, and making us laugh in the process.

Golf Club vs. Tree

People say trees are 90% air. Try telling that to this guy who found out the hard way that is simply not true. Have to respect his courage for attempting the shot, even though his friend predicted the outcome. However, it did make for some quality footage. 

Enough is Enough


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We’ve all been in this guy’s shoes. However, we’d bet few of us actually followed through with the action. While we may never know what series of events led to this guy throwing his entire set of clubs in the water, maybe it’s best that we let our imaginations go nuts with possible scenarios.  

Golf is fun


Hey man just calm down. #golfisfun

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While we didn’t see this guy’s shot, it’s fair to assume it wasn’t good judging by the tomahawk chops into the ground. However, the extension and distance he got on the throw were impressive.  

Found It! 


Shank 4 iron, throw club in water, retrieve, make par #d1bound

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Looks like this kid found the club thrown on the last page. But seriously, the caption on this video says it all…so does the reaction.