10 Cool Poolside Golf Trick Shots

With spring fully underway, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the weeks and months that lie ahead. More golf, more pools, more beers and more trick shots are sure to be on the menu.

Let’s prepare ourselves for what’s to come and celebrate National Pool Opening Day with some of the best poolside trick shots we’ve seen in the past. 

Unusual Consumption Methods

Josh Kelley, aka Hole In 1 Trickshots aka HiTS, is a pure genius when it comes to golf trick shots. It almost seems like anything you can do in your daily life, he can do with a club and a ball. If you are like us, relaxing by the pool and kicking back on a few beers is an ideal activity when we aren’t grinding on our swings. Kelley takes it one step further by cracking one open with a golf shot off a self-alley oop pass. While some beer sprayed out as expected, his esteemed colleague managed to salvage the rest and throw it down like a champion. 

Alley Oop

Talk about teamwork! These two girls pull off this alley oop into the pool with ease. After a quick scoop and a perfect toss, the timing was impeccable as the friend comes out of nowhere to hammer a drive as she’s falling into the pool. Got to love the floating club toss! 

Perfect Toss

By far one of the most impressive trick shots we have seen set somewhere apparently in a tropical destination, these guys go blind throw out of a pool down a small cliff to a buddy waiting on the beach with driver in hand. The throw was money and the contact was pure. “Oh, baby” indeed! 

Peroni by the Pool

This artful trick shot could be mistaken for an actual Peroni commercial. The rolling countryside and cabana is a perfect backdrop to open beers from across the pool with golf balls. Bravo! 

Chipping Practice

Why go to a practice green when you can get reps in at your pool? This girl shows off her short game and can maximize her reps with her very own personal ball retriever!

Tropical Getaway

Josh Kelley took us on his honeymoon during this trick shot in St. Lucia with a tropical twist. After receiving a pass from his lovely bride he displays a full array of moves overlooking the island. Flawless execution as usual. 

What??? Yes!!!!

Clearly, this girl’s still got game post college. After counting down, she uses wonderful technique and flew one right in the float. The reaction was priceless!

Down, Up, Over, and In

Hitting bottom of the cup on the fly is a hard enough task in any trick shot, but when you decide to incorporate a few bounces the places things can go wrong grow considerably. While this trick could have easily been part of blooper reel had that ball landed in his friend’s sensitive area, the plan worked out perfectly to land the ball right where it was meant to go.

It’s out of here! 

Nothing like working on your hand eye coordination while somebody else practices chipping. These two show you how it’s done and even celebrate with a bit of a shimmy. Nice backyard if we may add! 

Hot Tub Living

Sometimes the most casual of trick shots don’t need any embellishing. This guy goes out the window where his buddy nonchalantly catches it in his glass in the hot tub below.