10 Truly Scary Golf Swings

There is no shortage and wild and wacky stuff online, and a lot of it can be played for a laugh, but there are some things that just don’t make sense no matter how many times you see them.

The 10 club swings we found are some of the wackiest and craziest swings we have we’ve seen around. If you or any of your playing group swing like this, make sure to take look at our instruction videos when you’re done because help is surely needed.  



Any crazy swing list worth its salt needs to enlist Sir Charles. But by this point, Barkley’s swing is like the Scream mask: it was terrifying at first, but now it’s just… there. Thanks for the initiation, Chuck, but we’ve got it from here.

The Tunneler


While it’s a useful shot to have in the bag, there’s no need to hit the low ball every time and squat after it like El Chapo heading through one of his tunnels

The Robot



This guy is hitting balls in a field next to a highway. Why would you ever bring this out into public? The GIF was not paused at any point, by the way. That’s all tin man there. 

The Slap Shot


Look, it’s great that Happy Gilmore got some hockey players to pick up golf, but acquaint yourself with some fundamentals before heading to the range. Now, let’s channel our favorite heckler from the movie and say it together, “Hah! The tee went further than the ball!”

Low and Slow


This guy takes the “low and slow” backswing way too far. And then, to top it all off, he does a leg kick on the way through.

Duck and Cover



Decent backswing, then whoa! It’s like he heard a gun go off at the top and wanted to get out of the way, but not before hitting his tee shot. This is not a fluke. Click on the GIF. There’s a whole video of these.

The AirDancer


You know those giant blow up things outside of a car dealership that have a fan at the bottom of them? They’re called AirDancers. Apparently, this kid uses them as a swing instructor.

The Super Furyk


Jim Furyk is this guy’s favorite player, no question. He sees the loop in Furyk’s swing and adopts the mantra of “owning his swing.” At least he won’t have to worry about anyone trying to steal it. 

The Sasquatch


It’s like seeing Big Foot in the wild. You can’t get too close because you can’t be sure if it’s real nor can you know how it would react to being seen. 

The Mummy


Anyone who addresses the ball from the front and sidles around the to normal address position cannot be trusted. It’s crazy not only because of the ridiculousness of it, but the realization that if he were to get comfortable over the ball before getting all the way around, you could be in the firing zone.