10 Expensive Luxury Golf Bags

Golf bags are an essential part of the game. While there are hundreds of options available, only a select few can be this expensive.

So with Father’s Day only a week away, here are 10 of the most outrageously priced golf bags you can get from alligator skin to ostrich leather if you truly want to spoil your dad.

Black Alligator 


Price tag: $54,000

The mother of all luxury golf bags is this handcrafted genuine black alligator bag made by Treccani Milano that will run you a cool $54,000. But wait, it also comes with a complimentary nylon waterproof travel bag with details in the same leather and color. The bag is made to order in Italy and can take up to 12 weeks due to, as they say, artisan labor needed. Channel your inner Phil Mickelson and check it out.

A little bit about the company: Treccani Milano designs top of the line leather products and custom bespoke shirts handmade in Italy using the finest leathers and fabrics from European mills and tanneries. Although it is based in Canada, Master Craftsmen produce each handmade item in Italy. 

Louis Vuitton Golf Bag


Price tag: $13,800

World renowned designer Loius Vuitton offers this beautiful work of art for the small price of $13,800. It features it signature LV monogram canvas and is trimmed with natural cow hide. It holds a full set of clubs and contains enough pockets to store whatever you need. Don’t worry; there are large studs under the base to protect the leather.



Price tag: $12,500

From the makers who brought you the $54K gator skin golf bag, this calf skin version is a steal at $12,500. They use the same Italian craftsmanship is used to produce this luxurious beauty, which also comes in a distinct orange color. Again, a complimentary waterproof travel case is provided with purchase. Check it out.

Bentley Tour Bag


Price tag: $3,100

European luxury car manufacturer Bentley makes more than just cars. Not too long ago they entered the golf game and offer a wide variety of clubs and accessories. One of which is this golf bag which is almost as luxurious as their automobiles. It features ultra soft premium waterproof leather and zipper pockets for maximum storage. Check it out.

Ostrich Luxury Golf Bag


Price tag: $22,500

This Treccani Milano special will make you want to bury your head in the sand when you see the price. Made of 100% pure ostrich leather, this bag checks in at $22,500! Handmade in Italy, it can take up to 12 weeks to receive as each one is made to order. At least the Ostrich travel case is included. Check it out.

Brooks Brothers Country Club Golf Bag


Price tag: $1,200

Brooks Brothers, the oldest men’s clothier in the United States, also makes a spectacular oxford golf bag. It features five full-length dividers, vinyl trim, and gold hardware. Plus it has plenty of pockets to store all of your gear.  



Price tag: $3,990

This fine 9.5-inch Italian golf bag by Pellevera is as refined as it gets. It features their signature vegetable tanned leather with gold trim. As expected, it also contains multiple pockets as well as a tee holder and zipper pockets for your valuables. Check it out.

Golf Bag Sports Leather


Price tag: $6,900

We go back to Treccani Milano for this unique leather sports bag. It is constructed from carbon fiber and contains nylon pockets and calfskin details. It also contains a club organization system to ensure your clubs will be exactly where you think they will be. Check it out.



Price tag: $3,495

A slightly smaller version of the Pellevera we saw on this list before, this eight-inch genuine Italian leather golf bag has the classic look any golfer would love. It features all of the same goodies as the 9.5-inch version in a more compact size. Check it out.

Brown Printed Alligator


Price tag: $7,900

If the first alligator skin bag on this list was a little too rich for your blood, Treccani Milano offers a significantly less expensive version, however, it isn’t technically real gator skin. It’s actually calfskin with gator print, but it still retails for $7,900. Although, it still looks classy with its distinctive metal details. Check it out.