10 Expensive Luxury Golf Carts

Gone are the days of your ho-hum, white or green Club Car golf carts. Now, more than ever, golf carts aren’t just a means to an end, they are a golfing accessory, and in these cases a staple of luxury. With so much unique flavor out there, we wrangled up 10 of the flashiest and most expensive golf carts on the market today. 

Royal Limo / Rolls Royce Phantom


Price Tag: $25,449

We get this luxury list started with this limited edition golf cart from styled after a Rolls Royce Phantom. This isn’t your average golf cart by any means. For just north of $25K, you can purchase this beauty which features a classic two-toned paint job with headlights and grill just like the original Rolls. It also has leather seats, real 15-inch polished rims and is equipped with an Alpine sound system. Unlike other golf carts, this one has the capacity to seat up to six passengers at one time. Check it out.

Garia Special Edition


Price Tag: $24,145

This Mercedes-Benz styled special edition golf cart from Garia could possibly be the most luxurious on the market today. Cruise at speeds up to 25 mph day or night (it features halogen headlights) and rain or shine (also features a heated windshield, wipers and washer system). Enjoy a cold beverage out of the custom fridge in the dash. This thing has all the bells and whistles. For $24K, it should. Check it out.

The Brooklyn


Price Tag: $17,000

If this sweet ride looks familiar, it’s because it is designed after a Bentley. It features a fiberglass body, an electric powertrain, 12-inch rims, side mirrors, and it can reach speeds of 20 mph. Plus it’s another luxury cart that can fit up to six people. Check it out

Ferrari F5


Price Tag: $23,800

If you don’t have a couple hundred thousand dollars lying around to buy a Ferrari in real life, then this golf cart may be for you. For just $23K, you can get a scaled down version with 15-inch wheels and that can reach a blistering speed of 24 mph. Set on a ClubCar chassis, it seats two (just like the real thing). The only difference is this cart may actually be able to fit your golf clubs! Check it out.

Cadillac Escalade


Price Tag: $13,500

If SUVs are more your style, then this Cadillac Escalade golf cart should be up your ally. It features 16-inch chrome wheels, LED headlights, an aluminum chassis, a four-wheel braking system, and more. It also offers a host of upgrade options. Check it out.

The Classic


Price Tag: $22,000

If old cars are your thing, may we suggest the Classic. For only $22K, you can get this timeless beauty built on a brand new ClubCar chassis complete with chrome bumpers and grill, as well as wood grain dash and steering wheel. Check it out.

La Benz


Price Tag: starts at $15,750

This golf cart screams German craftsmanship. Inspired by Mercedes-Benz, this stylish ClubCar convertible is built on a fiber class body and includes a tinted windshield, “Daytona-style” steering wheel, and grill just like the real one. Check it out.

California Roadster Limo


Price Tag: $13,595

This electric powered roadster makes a statement wherever it goes. Built on an all aluminum chassis, it features hydraulic disk brakes and can drive up to 50 miles on a single charge (upgraded battery pack gives you 70 miles). Not only is it stylish, but it can also up to hold four people. Check it out.

Off Road


Price Tag: $16,735

Adventure seekers rejoice. This Off Road golf cart is inspired by an old Jeep Wrangler. Complete with oversize tires and rollover bars, this cart will never give you an excuse to not look for your ball in the woods. The only thing it’s missing is four wheel drive. Check it out.



Price Tag: $16,000

This old school golf cart was inspired by the legendary hot rod designer Boyd Coddington. Built on a ClubCar chassis, it features custom seats and dash, as well as 12″ aluminum sports wheels. Check it out.