10 Fancy Tour Pro Cars

Professional golfers may walk 72 holes per week, but when they are at home, they prefer to drive.

While most guys on Tour started out driving their beat-up station wagon across the country with everything they own in it from tournament to tournament, some of the more established players are known to dabble in some of the most luxurious automobiles in the world. Here are 10 Tour pros cars that are sure to make you jealous. 

Ian Poulter

via Twitter/@IanJamesPoulter

Ian Poulter is no stranger when it comes to ridiculous cars. A self-proclaimed Ferrari nut, the Englishman usually has a parking lot full of expensive toys that he gets to drive depending on his mood that day. This picture, in particular, shows five of his gorgeous Ferraris, a Rolls Royce Ghost in the back left, and a racing striped Ford GT-40 in the back right. Poulter is known to post pictures like these fairly regularly on social media, and we are a little bit jealous. 

Rickie Fowler

via carhoots.com

Here we have a small part of Rickie Fowler’s garage, and it looks spectacular. The car in the middle is a custom Porsche 911 Turbo and in the back is his Nissan GT-R. He has a bunch of other cars that are not shown here, but you can imagine that the majority all have a special Oklahoma State orange paint job on them.

Tiger Woods

via carhoots.com

As you can imagine, Tiger Woods has a decent collection of cars. While he is known to drive his custom black V12-powered Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG around town, his most prized possession is this million dollar Porsche Carrera GT. It may not be as practical, but you can bet it’s a lot more fun.

Adam Scott

via pinterest.com

Adam Scott is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz so it should be no surprise what you can catch him cruising around town in. When at home in Queensland, Scott drives this $500,000 SLS AMG Roadster with the gull-wing doors. While its beautiful, we still would rather have his golf swing. 

Rory McIlroy

via carhoots.com

Rory McIlroy purchased this ride after he signed his huge endorsement deal with Nike back in 2012. If you’re wondering what it is, yes, it’s a $2 million Bugatti. He’s got a few more in the stable, but this is as fancy as it gets. 

Luke Donald

via autoweek.com

Former World No.1 Luke Donald is a loyal customer of BMW. “I’ve always loved cars,” he once said, “When I earned my first paycheck, a car was one of the first things I bought – it was a BMW 3 Series Coupe.” At this point, Donald prefers to cruise around in the sporty M4.

Lee Westwood

via todaysgolfer.co.uk

Another former world number one, Lee Westwood has always been fond of Land Rovers. Maybe the fact they are both British has something to do with it. Westy is known to drive a $124,000 Range Rover Overfinch.

Bubba Watson

via sportingnews.com

Love him or hate him, the fact is that Bubba Watson is a car guy. Besides being part-owner of a car dealership in his hometown of Bagdad, Florida, his collection is insane, highlighted by the legendary General Lee from the “Dukes of Hazzard.” He purchased it at an auction for $110,000 back in 2012.

Ernie Els

via pistonheads.com

The Big Easy is as smooth on the course as he is off. While his collection of cars is huge, he prefers to ride around in his Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, with its mid length gear stick. In case you’re wondering, the base price for this performance machine is $250,000.

Stuart Appleby

via carhoots.com

You don’t need to be number one in the world to own a nice car on tour, although shooting a 59 in competition does count for something. Australian Stuart Appleby rides around in this sleek and stylish yellow Lamborghini whenever he has the chance.