10 Incredible Female Trick Shots

There are no shortage of trick shot videos online that show impressive shots in all different scenarios, though not all of the trick shot artists look this good doing it.

Here are 10 incredible golf trick shots pulled off by the fairer sex. 

The Toe Tapper

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The preeminent female trickshot artist has to be Tania Tare, her Instagram is filled with incredibly talented shots, in a variety of situations, sure to be the envy of anyone who handles a club.

Here she takes that impeccable hand-eye coordination and adds in her feet, with the soccer moves to kick the ball up and the kick before the shot for good measure. To ramp up the difficulty she even goes off the back for one impressive shot.

Off The Bounce


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TopGolf is one of the places where you find a lot of trick shots, and trick shot attempts. Something about the bucket of beers, mixed with the bucket of balls make people want to get creative.

Karin Hart joined in on the fun, and after a successfull juggling of the golf ball, manages to let the ball hit the ground, and smashes it off the rebound out into the targeting area. 

Bottle Service


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Most golfers are very particular of the tee they use, it has to be perfect, the right height, and the right width, because the wrong one can affect your shot.

Tisha Alyn has not such concerns, she tees her ball up on an empty beer bottle before kicking the bottle out of the way and crushing the ball the out of the air. Any shot this impressive is something to be proud of, so Tisha then tees up a happy dance for her efforts.

Red Solo Cups

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The younger generation of golfers are probably more familiar with the concept, but trying to get a ball inside those recognizable red cups can be a challenge even when you’re throwing it from only a table-length away. Lucy Robson has no such issues, and she’s using her clubs.

In this compilation, she compiles a few different tricks with these party supplies. Whether she is bouncing them in, popping them directly in, she knocks out cups in many configurations to show it wasn’t just a fluke.

Off The Wall


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How many times were you told, not to play in the house? It’s an understandable request, you can’t have balls bouncing all over the place. Well, next time somebody tells you that, show them this amazing shot by Paige Spiranac.

She surprises even herself with this crazy bounce shot off the wall and into a cup that is high off the ground. Seeing the shock on her face is great, but the excitement of her running the ball back to show the camera is even better.

Poppin’ Bottles


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People are always looking for creative ways now to open champagne. It makes sense, it’s not an everyday occurrence to have it, and the explosion at the end always makes for a great video for social media.

McKenzie O’Connell took on the task by striking the cork clean off with her wedge. The precision to hit only the cork takes an impressive swing, and she nails it. If only they had shaken up the bottle first to make for a more impressive fizz for the end.

In The Drink


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Hitting a golf ball into the hole on the course is challenging for many, hitting a ball into a cup elevated off the ground is unthinkable to even more. But hitting a ball into a bottle, that only has a small hole cut into the side should be next to impossible. Not so here, where this female golfer hits her shot dead on and sinks the ball into the smallest of targets.

Teamwork and Trust


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Sometimes, it takes two people with incredible skill to pull off something amazing. You have already seen Tisha and Tania perform some incredible shots in this list, but what they do together is something most people wouldn’t attempt.

Try to think if there is a person out there who you would trust to chip a ball accurately in your direction. Even if you are that person who could do that, now try and imagine somebody who you could trust to bomb that ball right back your way. That’s what these women did, and even they seem surprised by their accomplishment. But these friends soon realize they had it the whole time, and do a little dance for their efforts.

Spinning In The Sand


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Juggling a golf ball on a club is a favorite activity for anybody waiting around on the course or range, and it takes a fair bit of practice to sustain it. That’s what makes what Louisa Tarn did that much more impressive.

Not only does she juggle on the club, between the legs, and out away from her body, she also stops the bouncing and allows the ball to spin on the club face like she is trying out for the Harlem Globetrotters. She finishes the trick with one last bounce before sending the ball out to sea.

Putting On A Show


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If a solo trickshot is something to marvel at, a duo trickshot ratchets up the difficulty immensely. That’s why this trio of women bouncing the ball off their clubs is something truly awesome. The bounces back and forth between the first two women would be enough to wow anybody. The through the legs, and behind the back passes must have taken some serious work, but to end it by tossing to a third person, who snipes the ball out of mid-air is a trick worthy of the applause they received.