10 Funny Accessories For Golf Addicts

Golf addicts only know one thing and that is golf. As long as there is a product out there that has to do with the game we love — no matter how ridiculous it is — you can bet there’s a golf nut out there who already has it, or at the very least wants to own it.

Here are 10 hilarious golf accessories you never knew you needed, or 10 last minute gifts for Father’s Day.

Birdie Hunter Divot Tool


We kick our list off with this totally practical and literal divot tool called the Birdie Hunter. Whether you are into the sport of hunting or not, we can all agree that on the golf course birdies are the primary target. What better way to track them down with this camouflage retractable repair tool.

Technically the camo pattern is classified as mossy oak and the magnetic ball marker is considered hunter orange. It also has a clip so you can attach it to your hat, belt, pocket, etc. Based on reviews, it also appears to be one of the most durable repair tools out there today. Check it out.

Rather Be Driving


While we are sure you’d “rather be driving a golf ball,” this license plate holder is perfect for all golfers at any skill level. Yes, it looks like the club of a somebody with a really bad temper, and no we don’t recommend trying to make recreate this piece of art yourself. Check it out.

Ball Finding Shades


Tired of losing you golf ball? In the market for a new pair of shades that will make a statement? Then these glasses are for you. Their special blue lenses highlight anything white which should help you search for those wayward tee shots, unless you use a pink ball like Bubba. Plus they look…well, who are we kidding, they look ridiculous. Check it out.

Ball Sack


If you’re into puns, then this ball sack is for you. Store your golf balls in the comfy, fuzzy confines of this flesh colored pouch. It comes with – wait for it – two balls, and a clip which allows for hanging. Check it out.

Short Game Practice

Bored at work? Grind on your short game, literally, with this awesome novelty coffee mug complete with mini club and ball. Just be sure your boss doesn’t catch you. Check it out.

The Bird


Nothing says nice shot more than flipping off the person who just hit it. Fortunately, Nice Shot Golf Gloves sells the appropriately named glove “The Bird.” Made of premium Cabretta leather, this glove is sure to improve your game or get you punched in the face. Check it out.

Serenity Now 


Golf nuts rejoice. You can now have the sereinty you feel on a golf course in the comfort of your own home or office with this golf-inspired sandbox. Just be sure you don’t ground your club if you decide to take a practice swing. Check it out.

Nude Tees


Impress the members of your prestigious country club with these classy naked lady tees. The quotes on the box speak for themselves. But wait, that’s not all! They also function as a divot tool! Check it out.

Big Dog Post-It Holder


We go back to the office with this fancy golf-themed Post-It dispenser shaped like a driver. It even has a place to store your pen! Unfortunately, we don’t think it’s USGA conforming. Check it out.

Take a Seat


Talk about a hole in one! This toilet seat “tattoo” is as realistic as it gets to having a seat made of grass. Actually, that sounds like an interesting idea, but we digress. If this isn’t in your bathroom, are you really a golfer? Check it out.