10 Funny Custom Golf Balls

Golf balls are more than just pieces of polyurethane and rubber; they are also a canvas to express yourself. While some prefer to keep it simple with a dot or two, others like to get creative with life lessons or even the occasional insult.

Here are 10 funny customized golf balls. 

Thanks, Will Adkins! 


We get this list started with a free gift compliments of Will Adkins! And this isn’t just any gift. Judging by the looks of it, this is a $5 Titleist Pro-V1. There are a few things more gratifying than spotting a stray golf ball whether it be it the woods or right in the middle of the fairway, picking it up and putting it in your pocket. But rarely do you find one with a message directed towards its new owner.

Actually, it makes us question the confidence of Will Adkins. Do you think he teed it up with the words facing him? That would be distracting. Anyway, thanks, Will!

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

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Being lost is always a matter of perspective, and in the case of this one ball, it was trying to win an epic game of hide and go seek. So remember next time you see a random ball in some rough or brush, just think about how it maybe wants to be there, after all, golfers like Gail did hit it right before it hid.

Deep Thoughts


Whatever rough this person found this ball was not deeper than the message they found on this golf ball. But it’s only a matter of time until it gets lost again…and then found.

No Ragrets

Whoever’s golf ball this is has got the right attitude, and terrible spelling. Along the same lines as “grip it and rip it,” this person clearly has no shame in taking a stroke penalty. As long as you went for it.

Good one, Andy.


Nice try. You almost got us. By “too far” we assume you meant into the woods, especially considering the scuff marks left on it. Thanks for nothing, Andy.

Been There


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The story of golf summed up in three lines on a golf ball. Brilliant! All it takes it one shot to turn things around. Just keep reminding yourself of that until it actually happens.



If only golf balls could talk! This is probably what they would say. So next time before you convince yourself you’re going to hit it in the water, try looking at it from the ball’s point of view. 



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Ouch! Don’t be mad at us for finding your poorly struck golf ball. It’s not our fault you’re salty. At least have the decency to spell out the word “you.”

Wine ’em, Dine ’em

A classic tribute to the legendary cult-classic comedy movie Dumb and Dumber, this golf ball deserves to be in a museum. 



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One of the more creative custom golf balls the world has ever seen. While it doesn’t scream confidence, it does scream honesty.