10 Hilarious Amateur Golfer Bloopers

It’s always reassuring to find out that you’re not the only person who stinks at golf.

Here are 10 videos of amateurs making a fool out of themselves that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Swing Out Of Your Shoes

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Everyone is looking to create more speed and distance, but there are a few required aspects of the swing that need to be in place in order to achieve optimal yardage.

The guy above forgot one of those “must-dos,” which, of course, start with keeping your feet on the ground and actually making contact with the ball.

The Bird


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There are so many things going on here, it’s almost impossible to choose our favorite part. Could it be the pathetic attempt at the swing? Or could it be the fact his club ended up in the water? Or maybe it was the guy flipping off his friend who was filming? Whatever the case, it was gold. 



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Where do we even begin here? From the terrible cross-handed swing to the total whiff, to falling like an idiot into the water. You can’t make this stuff up. Wow. 

Pro Shop

Chances are you’ve practiced on an indoor green at a golf shop, sporting goods store, wherever. Hopefully, you didn’t look like this. To quote the classic golf film Tin Cup, “who hit that shot?!



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This gentleman put on the opposite of a sand game clinic. With his ball in a tough spot, he opted to be a hero and pretend there was no lip behind him. As it turns out, there was a lip behind him. For a split second, you can actually see him think about what he was doing to no avail. Even from a perfect lie, it wasn’t pretty. Have to respect determination, though. 


The Happy Gilmore swing is never as easy as you think. While the shot almost took his friend’s head off, an argument can be made that he shouldn’t have been standing there. Seriously, that’s the prime shank territory. It does make some quality viewing though. 


This poor guy thought it would be a good idea to hit drives into the rocks with his buddy. Clearly, it backfired. After what seemed like decent contact, the ball came rocketing back at him knocking him off his feet, and making us laugh in the process.


This little guy has all the right intentions, he’s just lacking the balance. On the bright side, he’s still got his whole future ahead of him. 



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This is why you never should stand behind somebody when they swing! After what obviously was a poor shot, this guy took his anger out by tossing his club in the general direction of his friend. That’s what you get for calling it a duff.

Nipped the Tip


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You can’t have a fail list without somebody getting hit in the groin. This here is one of the more horrific attempts at this now famous trick shot we’ve seen. Ouch!