10 Hilarious Driving Range Bloopers

Golfers the world over head to the driving range to hone their craft. And while ranges are a bastion of golf, it can unintentionally be one of the most entertaining places in the world.

Before you decide to head out and work on your game next time, be wary of what could go wrong at the range.

Please Stand Behind the Red Line

It does not matter if it is a Topgolf or your local driving range, everybody knows you shouldn’t walk or stand where somebody is swinging a golf club, let alone your buddy who you clearly know is not very good.

At first, the guy whose turn it is tells his friend to step back to which he nods, but really makes no attempt to take cover. That turned out to be a huge mistake. After a ridiculous swing and an even crazier one-handed finish, he clocked his buddy square in the head without even knowing it.

However, the person taking the video from the table next door saw it coming the whole way. You can even hear the thump! That has got to hurt. Hopefully, we all learn a lesson here! 

All-Time Backfire


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We’ve all been there before, but usually, we’re smart enough to toss an old golf ball or a tee into our friends’ line of swing. The driver seems like an odd choice. 



???? The club went further than the ball ???? ???? @daxon.hunt

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Topgolf is prime viewing for millennial fails and this young lefty is no exception. Right from the takeaway, you know this isn’t going to end well. On cue, on the way down he hits the eject button and releases the club with no regard for the human beings around him. OMG is right. 

Round and Round

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Golf is a game, and game are supposed to be fun, but like anything too much fun can be a problem, especially if you’re not careful. While it would seem like doing a dizzy bat style range attempt would be good for a view laughs, maybe 13 spins is a bit much especially for this kid. 13 would prove to be his unlucky number as he never got to attempt his swing and instead is left with a funny video and possibly a bump on the head, thank goodness this wasn’t one of those multi-story ranges.


While we are assuming they are friends, normally if you are recording a buddy’s swing you try not talking in their backswing. However, the guy filming this video went full “you suck” and got what he deserved. Talk about karma!

Bucket head


TB to my golfin days #golffail

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While it appears this kid seems to be under legal drinking age, it seems like he just had one too many juice boxes. With a range bucket on his head he proclaims he’s “the best golfer.” After that swing, we beg to differ. 

Who hit that shot?


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This gentleman seemed to have a nice set up hitting golf balls into a lake that is until this happened. While sending the ball 90 degrees right off the side of the club head is impressive, the fact that it ricocheted back and almost knocked him unconscious is almost more of an achievement. 

Wedding Shenanigans 

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Wedding are fun until somebody shanks a golf ball into the cocktail hour and somebody gets hurt. While we don’t know the outcome of this horrific shank, we do know lining up and taking a hack probably after a few beverages is not a wise decision. 

Which Tracer Was Better?


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“Here’s the wind-up, and the pitch… and the swing dislodges the driver head which is taking a low ball flight to keep it out of the wind.”

Saved by the net


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Our friend above is going for the Old Faithful of trick shots, the Tiger Woods ball bounce and hit. The problem that arises is he’s on an upper level of a multi-level driving range and his bay has a roof. Using the highly-lofted club, our man carries out the trick with a few bounces and even manages to make contact. The ball flies straight into the roof causing him to do the “can you believe that?” pirouette.

Unaware of his surroundings, the trick-shotter finds the edge of the bay and falls into the net in an “Is he okay? Yes, he is. Now, that’s hilarious” fail.