10 Hilarious Golf Cart Bloopers

The introduction of the golf cart changed the game of golf forever. People now have a chance to get to their ball quickly and speed up play. If golf wasn’t a leisure sport already, it definitely is now.

Carts also allow folks who shouldn’t necessarily be behind the wheel to drive, especially after a couple of beverages, or even worse. Here 10 hilarious golf cart fails.

Burn Baby Burn

We get this cart fail list started in a blaze with this golf cart that’s up fully engulfed in flames. How it got that way, we have no idea, but the fact is somebody should call the fire department immediately. We hear the guy say in the video that the “problem is the oak tree,” and yes, while that may be a problem, the more pressing issue is the burning  E-Z Go right in front of you. We would love to be a fly on the wall when they tell the pro shop what happened. 

Out of Control

Things got wild when these guys hit a hill full speed, cut the wheel and let gravity take over. It didn’t end well, obviously, as they crashed right into a tree ejecting them from the cart. But the laugh is a perfect soundtrack to this perfect fail.


This amazing clip courtesy of the Golf Channel during last year’s AT&T Byron Nelson was one of legend. This poor volunteer was simply trying to do his job, but clipped a fire hydrant and, well you know the rest.

Big Air

These golfers, who appear to be on the younger side, come ripping around the cart path in a white buggy that looks like its speed governor has been stripped. They break the crest of a hump in the path and appear to land smoothly, but the driver couldn’t stabilize the wheels and they spin out ferociously. 

Tree Trouble

It doesn’t get much more impressive than this. Who knows how this cart ended up like this but we’re sure glad somebody had the presence of mind to snap a picture of the gem. It’s a metaphor for the person’s golf game, probably.

Race Gone Wrong

One of the most tempting ways to misuse a golf cart out on the course is to race with one of your playing partners. This group that was a fantastic idea, but like most golf cart races, it didn’t quite pan out how they thought. Luckily this one was caught on camera for our enjoyment. Skip to 00:43 in the video above to see the unlucky drive run up a bank and then have his own cart run him over.

Point of View

This is the first video we have on this list that shows the view onboard the cart. This pair of speed-demons decided to send it down a steep gradient. Their dramatic escapade runs them off of the paved part of the path and shot towards the twosome in front of them. We get a POV of the actual crash and it looked painful.


Wow! This guy gets blindsided by somebody clearly with no regard for other humans. After getting flattened there’s panic, yelling and a broken club. He’s going to feel this in the morning!

In The Weeds

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While we unfortunately do not get to see the how or why of this situation, it’s still funny to see the predicament these guys find themselves in. Clearly something happened before the camera started rolling that left this cart almost completely immersed among the tall grass. Hopefully they learned a valuable golf lesson about sticking to cart path.


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This botch makes our list just out of pure stupidity. It seems like this group was trying to film a beer-drinking related video, but their genius of a friend scoots into the frame and nails a cart that was already parked. Hopefully take-two went a little better.