10 Hilarious Millennial Golf Fails

Give a couple millennials a camera and some golf equipment and let the stupidity begin! From failed trick shots to throwing clubs, here are 10 of the more hilarious bloopers we’ve seen.

Not-So-Happy Gilmore

We get this millennial fail list started with an all timer. In an attempt to recreate the Happy Gilmore’s famous running swing, this dude failed miserably. He caught the ball with the heel of the club and sent the head flying into the beautiful blue ocean. While his reaction is like he just saw a ghost, our favorite part is listening to the head hit the rocks. Looks like vacation’s over, buddy! 

Driving Range

These geniuses thought it would be a good idea to hit balls down the driveway for some reason, but were sorely mistaken. Whether it was the first swing or not, the fact is this guy shattered the rear deck of a car right on cue and now there’s video evidence to prove it. Next time, try going to the driving range you crazy kids! 

Balance Is Key

You can take one look at this kid and know that things are not going to turn out in his favor on this shot. While some may wait until the 19th Hole to reach this kids level, he was not to be deterred from trying his swing totally innebraited. At least he played it off when he fell over, and his friends was indeed right.



Not all trickshots go to plan @gdansie ???????? #golfgods #golftricks #golffail #golffunny #golf

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One thing’s for sure: millennials love trick shots. However, attempting them could be hazardous to their health. Here we have a guy who was trying one that’s currently making the trick shot rounds when you stack two balls on top of each other, hit the bottom one, make the top one pop up and then hit it out of mid-air. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t make it passed step two.



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These millennials were trying to pull off another popular trickshot where you essentially tee it up off a body part of your buddy. First of all, the tee placement is questionable. Second, the problem here is they failed to account for the kid’s head and of course, he took it right off the noggin. Maybe next time wear a helmet or better yet, don’t ever try this again. 

Point Of View


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Here we have a birdseye view of one of the more hilarious tee shots you’ll see. Using the “selfie” feature on the camera, this dude thought it would be a good idea to film his buddy and his reaction was priceless. Hopefully, they gave him a mulligan! 

Can’t Cut The Mustard

Wondering what to do with all of those leftover 4th of July hot dogs, why, mess with your friends of course. Pranking is a time-honored tradition of friendship, and when it’s harmless and all in good fun everybody gets to laugh at it. Who will not be laughing is whoever has to clean all that mustard off of the hitting surface at this TopGolf. Well, them and whoever may have been below that bottle when it fell.

In The Face


When you try to be like Phil and quickly find out you’re not.

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This bro in the pastel colors gets our listed started by attempting the popular off-the-wall-shot. While the technique was there, the ball, unfortunately, took a funny hop and clocked him right in the head sending him down for the count. We’d like to think he popped right back up, but we aren’t so sure.

Wasn’t Me


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In one of the funnier failed trick shot attmepts, this guy had everything working until it came time to hit the ball. After several bounces, he popped it up in the air and not only did he whiff on it, he sent his club flying, crashing into the roof of the bays and then into the water. The best part was trying to play it off like it wasn’t him.

Belly Flop

There’s celebrations and then there’s this. After holing out, this millennial goes full belly flop into the casual water behind him. On the way down you can sense the regret as he tries to brace himself for impact. Good six, bro.