10 Hilariously Bad Golf Product Ads

Every golfer wants to improve their golf game, and seemingly every golf product out there has a fix. Obviously, not every invention is going to work for every player, and honestly, some of the products you come across are just plain bad.

Bad oftentimes means funny, however, which can lead to ads that are so bad, they are good. Here is a look at our favorite awful golf ads, with either the product being bad or the production of the commercial being bad, or both.


We get this hilariously bad list started with a product that is so unbelievable it literally is almost impossible to believe it exists. The UroClub is billed as “the only club in your bag guaranteed to keep you out of the woods.”

While it is a clever slogan for a faux golf club that is used to relieve yourself, the ridiculous and suspicious nature of the product is enough to wonder if they ever sold any of these things.

Potty Putter

Sticking with the relieving yourself theme, next up is the Potty Putter. At least the clubs you’re using with the Potty Putter are used to play golf, not hold your waste. To be honest, there are worse ways to pass time while you’re in the bathroom, but don’t get too antsy over a short putt or the comebacker won’t be the only mess you need to clean up.

Dream Swing

Getting into some actual game-improvement aids, have you ever felt like a puppet on a string when you’re playing? No? Well, do you want to? The Dream Swing turns your golf swing into a potential death trap with just a few swings. Be sure you don’t have any alignment rods or other aids nearby that could get caught in the web. 


Credit where it’s due: Cardio Golf may have been ahead of its time in terms of getting golfers more interested in their fitness, but first isn’t always best. Cardio Golf can be basically be broken down as such: stretch before you play. Kudos for the vision.

Hammer Putter

Are you tired of hitting putts off the heel or the toe of the putter? Well, let’s get rid of those completely! That’s the Hammer Putter’s logic. Sure, you may whiff more than you used to, but when you do make solid contact, you’ll be sure to miss those putts with a solid strike.


“How horrifying is that? That you could make a great stroke and still miss?” The beauty of this little treasure is that it basically takes all blame off the player. Miss a putt? You’re golf ball was probably egg-shaped and you didn’t find the right center of gravity. 


Have you ever had problems keeping your balance or hitting the ball too solidly? Well, this product is for you. Instead of that good, solid base you’ve worked to keep, these shoe inserts will throw your balance way off and have you digging the club into the ground in no time!

EZ Par

What could be better than EZ Par? An adhesive for the grip that also cleans your golf clubs? That’s the best idea for keeping your clubs clean and your grips tacky since using water on a towel. 

Hammer X

Looking for more distance and less golf partners? The Hammer X is for you. Not only does the bizarre looking club guarantee more distance, it also instills the need to scream at impact every time. That will never get annoying.

EZee Golf

This thing looks like something Al Czervik from Caddyshack would use. Any distance between 50 and 225 can be hit simply by loading the EZeeGolf Club and setting the distance marker. No prior golf knowledge needed. Once you’re inside 50 yards, however, you’re left to hack it around the green with a normal wedge and putter, so keeping your score in the hundreds is still attainable.