10 Outstanding Hole-Out Celebrations

Something about that little white ball finding its home tends to bring out the best in people. Whether you’re an amateur pretending like you just won a major or a pro representing your country in the Ryder Cup, golf has seen its fair share of emotion. Here’s our list of 10 outstanding hole-out celebrations.

Miguel Angel Jimenez

The most interesting man in golf leads us off as only he can. After acing this par-3 in Abu Dhabi, he takes off his patented aviators and blows a kiss to the camera, but wait that’s not all. He then followed it up with moonwalk/salsa hybrid dance. At 50-plus years of age, he’s still got it.

Slip and Slide

These guys were amped after this bro knocked in the winning putt of what clearly wasn’t the Masters. However, that didn’t stop them from going nuts. They even made the most of the casual water on the green and used it as a slip and slide. Unfortunately for him, there wasn’t a green jacket waiting for him on the other side.

Chi Chi Rodriguez 

When it comes to signature celebrations, nobody holds a candle, or a sword, to Chi Chi Rodriguez. His patented “toreador dance” would come out after any birdie or eagle he made, and the fans loved it. Still to this day, it is one of the more creative celebrations in sports history. 

Shirts Off

This eagle putt might not mean anything in the scheme of things, but for this guy, it meant the world. The combination of announcing, the sprint and popping the shirt off was executed perfectly. Hey, an eagle is still two under par, even if it was to break 100!

James Hahn 

James Hahn nailed this celebration after draining a putt on the famed 16th of TPC Scottsdale during the 2013 Waste Management Open. After it dropped, he broke into the “Gangnam Style” dance which at the time, the song was topping the pop charts. The crowd loved it and so did we.

Patrick Reed SHHH

The SHHH heard round had to be on this list courtesy of Patrick Reed during the 2014 Ryder Cup. Right after his opponent, Henrick Stenson, nailed a lengthy putt, Reed came right back and rattled in this tester. Then, it happened. He immediately pressed his finger to his lips and attempted to hush the raucous Europan crowd. The legend of Patrick Reed officially was born.

Ha Na Jang

This list isn’t just for the boys. Ha Na Jang won the LPGA’s 2016 Coates Golf Championship and went full ninja after the final putt dropped. According to her, the man to her right was her inspiration. The form is spot on.

Flag Wave

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be the person who hits the shot who celebrates the hardest. During the 2012 Ryder Cup, Keegan Bradley holed this sizeable putt to lock up a full point for Team USA. However, it was Keegan’s caddie who stole the show with an epic flag wave.



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While we don’t officially know what this kid actually holed-out for, what we do know is that he decided a full flip over a creek was fully warranted. In what could have been easily a disatster, he launches himself into the air, does a backflip, sticks the landing, and right on cue pounds a beer. We don’t recommend trying this one at home!

Heavyweight Bout

If you haven’t noticed by now, the Ryder Cup tends to elicit some serious emotions. This was no more evident than the 2016 Ryder Cup during this heated exchange between two heavyweights. First, it was Rory’s turn and he held nothing back going full mad man egging on the crowd. Then Reed countered with a classic finger wag of his own. This was golf at its finest.