10 Painful Groin Golf Shots

Golf can be a dangerous sport if you’re not careful. While getting hit with a golf ball can hurt, getting hit in the groin, as you can imagine, hurts that much more.

Get your weekend started off right laughing at other people’s pain with 10 painful-looking golf shots.

Right In The Chi Chis

We get this list started with a classic. Making a guest appearance on Golf Channel’s Big Break, Chi Chi Rodriguez attempted to show the aspiring golfers just how the break the glass challenge was done.

What Rodriguez didn’t account for was the wooden frame around the glass, which ricocheted his ball back into his… well, you know. 

Poor Guy

Here we have a guy who tries to be a hero and thread one through the trees, with a hybrid no less. Instead, the face of his club opens up and he catches one of them squarely. As if it were fate, the ball bounces off and drills him in the mid-section. As expected, laughter erupts. 



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This gentleman attempted to bite off a little more than he could chew when he tried to escape from this borderline unplayable lie. As it turns out, his ball was on a root which spelled trouble as soon as he made contact. It shot right back at him and it wasn’t pretty.


Here’s a guy just trying to be a good father teaching his kid the game. It seems to be paying off judging by his release. Unfortunately, he happened to be in the line of fire! 

Accidental Contact


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A combination of teamwork and timing made this hilarious clip possible. The bank shot off wooden planks is usually never easy. As you can see here, it’s also very unpredictable. Fortunately for us, the attempt took a funny hop and shot straight at one of the guys watching.


Hitting balls of your deck shirtless is a great idea until somebody gets hurt. This gentleman found out the hard way after taking one off the hammock and into his, well, you know. 

Bounce Back

This kid thought he had what it took to thread it through the one tree in front of him. As we found out not only does he manage to hit the tree, the ball bounced back off the cart path are hit him right between the legs. Thankfully the person filming did it in slow motion so we can feel his pain.


This professional golfer looked more like an amateur when he attempted to advance his ball off the base of a tree. It immediately ricocheted back into “him” and sent him down for the count in pain. Adding insult to injury, he received a one-stroke penalty for hitting himself.

Indoor Antics


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It appears all this guy wanted to do was hit it over his buddy’s head from point blank range, indoors in the middle of a kitchen. Why? We don’t have a clue. But whatever made them try this provided some great material for us to laugh at.

Hot Shot

This hot shot who was showing off his golf ball juggling skills decided to kick it up another notch by taking a swing. However, it didn’t go according to plan and he ended up on the ground in pain. The “oh my god” at the end really sold us!