10 Prettiest Swings On Tour

A smooth, consistent, and powerful golf swing is poetry in motion. While some pros are world-class athletes born with near flawless swings, the majority have spent years grinding to make them as perfect as possible. As expected, practice does make perfect.

Here are 10 of the prettiest swings currently on Tour. 

Dustin Johnson

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The champ in ??. No one could catch DJ. ??

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We get this list started with the current World No.1 Dustin Johnson. While you may not be 6-foot-4, DJ is and it’s one of his biggest assets. He uses his long arms and broad shoulders to create one of the most impressive turns on tour. This, plus the fact he bows his left wrist more than anybody maybe in the history of the game, generates unparalleled force as he comes down on the ball.

In 2016-17, he only averaged a measly 312 off the tee. which led the PGA Tour. He also hit 72 percent of greens in regulation, which you guessed it, also leads the Tour. There’s a reason why people consider him the most athletic guy out there.

Jason Day

Jason Day’s golf swing is a mixture of grace and brute strength. Try finding a swing that he doesn’t look like he is going 110%. You probably can’t. Starting with a firm, athletic base Day creates great width in his backswing with his arms and club without losing connection to his body. Once he starts his transition downwards, what you’ll notice is that there is little to no lateral movement in his legs which helps generate power and consistency. From there, it’s usually bombs away as he extends through the ball with and finishes with his hands high. 

Louis Oosthuizen

Oosthuizen, the 2010 British Open champion, has honed his swing to near perfect. With flawless tempo and effortless power, his swing is one of the nicest in the game today. On plane and smooth as silk – good luck trying to copy this one! 

Sergio Garcia

The 2017 Masters champion has exceptional posture at address. His takeaway is smooth and he really fires his hips through the ball at impact. Check out that angle of attack! So. Much. Lag! Hopefully, El Niño can keep it rolling into the back nine of his career.

Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth employs a rather compact, simple swing that has allowed him continued success off the tee and finding the greens. What we’d like to focus on are the shoulders and hips which are in perfect synchronization for the entire swing. Add in the slightly bent left arm and hopefully, we’ll be watching this beauty for the next 20-30 years.

Justin Rose

Justin Rose has one of the most repeatable and compact swings out there. Since working with coach Sean Foley, he has made minor adjustments that have allowed him to find even more success. One of the most notable parts of his swing is his dramatic shoulder turn. It’s no surprise he’s usually in the mix on golf’s biggest stages.

Rory McIlroy

The 28-year-old four-time major champ has been wowing us with his swing ever since turning pro in 2007. Rory has put on some considerable muscle since then, and it only seemed to help (contrary to Johnny Miller’s opinion). Rory’s swing is as free flowing as they come, generating unprecedented power for somebody who’s only 5’9″ and 161 lbs.  If there’s a swing to copy, this may be it. 

Henrik Stenson

There is nothing quite like the sound of the ball coming off Henrik Stenson’s club face. The guy compresses it more than anybody else on tour. How? Well, there’s nothing complex about it, expect the fact that the club is literally in the exact right position from the take away all the way until he completes his follow through. 

Tiger Woods (2018)

Tiger’s been through it all with his golf swing, but nothing will top his form in 2000. Unfortunately, father time hasn’t been too kind and plagued the 14-time major winner with well-documented injuries over the last decade. Obviously, another overhaul was necessary. Still, in our humble opinion, it’s one of the prettiest out there. 

Adam Scott

Many top analysts of today’s game say, with confidence, that Adam Scott is the owner of the best and most fundamentally sound swing on Tour. His timing and rhythm are smooth, controlled and consistent. His follow through is level at the top and the power coming up from his base is extremely strong. Scott’s swing should be featured in a museum somewhere.