10 Reptiles Invading The Golf Course

Golf courses are known for their picturesque locales, and for the inclusion of the natural surroundings. Sometimes, the local wildlife decides it wants to partake in the fun of the game, and finds a way out onto the links.

So as you get back on the course this season, watch out for alligators, crocodiles, snakes, and other reptiles who can find their way onto the course.

Have You Ever Seen A Dinosaur

Chubbs, the 15-foot alligator, has been making headlines for years at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida. The local legend shows up when he wants, and anybody with enough nerve sticks around to capture the behemoth on video, while most are just fine with catching a glimpse from the safety of their screen.

Putting In Range Time


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This huge guy was spotted casually strolling through the driving range at Osprey Point Course golf course, located on Kiawah Island. Understandably the golfers in the background look stunned, but thankfully there was video of the monster, because unlike that 450yd drive you always claim happened, this can be believed. 

First Rule of Alligator Fight Club

Seeing one alligator on a golf course is terrifying, especially when your golf ball lands near it or on its head. Now imagine seeing two fairly large gators fighting next to the tee box. That’s probably not something you’d want to get involved in, or even get close to. But that’s exactly what one golfer did.

We don’t advise getting as close as the cameraman did, but at least he walked away uninjured, and with a cool souvenir. Thankfully he didn’t go all “Happy Gilmore” on the reptile. I’d imagine that’d go much differently than it did in the movie.

Another Reason To Stay Out Of The Trap

During the 2017 LPGA Tour’s Bank of Hope Founders Cup at Wildfire Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona. Technically, it is known as a western diamondback rattlesnake, but for all intents and purposes, we’ll call it absolutely terrifying. In order to get it out of the bunker, this snake “handler” attempted to snatch it up with his tongs, but unfortunately couldn’t quite make the grab on the first try, prompting it to head straight for him. However judging by the picture below, it appears everything worked out just fine – thankfully.

What Could Be Greater Than Golf With A Gator

U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Jake Sherrock got quite the shock while playing Bay Palms Golf Course at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. An alligator, estimated by Sherrock and his group to be 12 feet in length, meandered through the golf course as some of the country’s best and brightest marveled at the creature.

Survival Of The Fittest

Off of the tee of the 10th hole at Fiddler’s Creek in Naples Florida, players came across the result of a python vs. alligator skirmish that appeared to have gone the alligator’s way. Although the python had the gator wrapped up, its head was in the alligator’s mouth, which meant game over for the snake.

Iguana’s Feeding Time

Typically you need to wait for the halfway house, or the 19th hole to get a snack on the course, but not this little critter who wandered on the course during the 2014 Puerto Rican Open. He tried a few times to pick the ball up with his mouth before scurrying off into weeds.

Two Clubs Are Better Than One

Former NHL great Jeremy Roenick has become a regular on the pro-am golf circuit and in his post-hockey life has taken quite an affinity for golf. Living in the golf haven of Arizona, Roenick seemingly is never too far from his clubs.

Maybe it was all those stickhandling drills throughout his career, or maybe he is training for a new job as a snake wrangler, but he went all in and grabbed it with no problems.

Don’t Poke The Wildlife

Henrik Stenson isn’t afraid of much and he proved that in 2016 in Rio during the Olympic men’s golf competition. While putting himself in position to compete for a gold medal, Stenson decided to have a little bit of fun with the local wildlife in Rio de Janeiro, quite literally poking a potentially dangerous caiman, the South American equivalent to an alligator or crocodile.

Play Through At Your Own Risk

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It takes a lot for golfers to halt their rounds. Many are willing to play fight through rain, snow, even natural disasters, to complete their round, so we know it takes something special for a group of hardcore golfers to stop in their tracks and move on to the next hole.

A diamondback rattlesnake seems to have fit that bill earlier this week in Florida.

Take a look at this beast crossing a green at Mangrove Bay & Cypress Links Golf Course in St. Petersburg that would make any serious golfer pick up their ball and proceed to the next tee.