10 Ridiculous Amateur Water Hazard Fails

Get your “Thirsty Thursday” started off right with a round up of 10 ridiculous amateurs who had more than their balls end up in the drink.

Ice Cold

We get this water fail list started with one for the ages. Playing golf in the winter is usually reserved for the sickest of golf addicts. When a lake or pond on your course is frozen solid, that should be the first clue that you shouldn’t be teeing it up. Instead, intrepid hackers such as the man above saw the frozen water hazard as an opportunity to save a ball and a stroke. You knew that was going to end poorly. He’s probably better off to take the penalty stroke next time, especially if you’re going to take a full swipe at the ball in soft spikes.

“I’m Drunk”

We’ll give you a minute to let you soak this one all in. Stuff like this you can’t script. You have a guy in pink pants and a fedora that is obviously inebriated because he says so swinging a right handed club lefty of a steep bank. What could go wrong?! 

Slippery when wet

This guy found himself in a water hazard but with a stance, or so he thought. Maybe it’s foreshadowing that he removed his trousers but he doesn’t even get the club halfway back before his feet give out from under him and he hits the deck. With zero friction, he slides into the water as his mates point and laugh. The struggle to get out was real! 

Must have slipped


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Here we have a guy who was willing to get dirty for this shot, but the result was not exactly what he was anticipating. Whether it was lack of concentration or sheer surprise from literally missing everything, he launches the club backwards on the follow through. At least he didn’t lose the ball! 

Running Start

Here’s an athletic fellow who’d probably like to have this one back. After assessing the situation crossing the ditch, our friend here takes a running start but slips right at take off causing him to eat it immediately. Maybe he was searching for a lost ball, maybe he wasn’t. Regardless, he got a face full of mud and a video on Youtube to show for it.


Outings are much more fun when somebody falls in the lake. The gentleman steps up to the ball with confidence resting his feet on the ledge of the water. After a decent swing, he can’t stick the finish. He loses his balance and hops into the water. Have to respect the fact he said he thought it was a good shot as his friends try to fish him out. 

Caught Off Guard

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There’s a certain protocol that these blooper shots are supposed to follow, and it involves the player getting wet somehow. This video flies in the face of convention and takes a marginal stance and turns it into a deflating penalty for hitting the ball in the hazard. 

Good outs

This dude thought it would be best to take on a shot he had no business attempting in the first place. After several attempts and soakings later, he’s able to advance it down the fairway.

Lost Club

Here’s how not to hit a shot of the bank of a water hazard. As soon as he takes the club back, the left foot slips causing him to instantly collapse. In a panic to save himself, he frees up his hands by tossing the club into the water…a move he definitely regretted afterward.

Raging Creek

Instead of trying to walk around the raging creek, this genius opted to try and ford it. Of course, his friends filmed the whole thing and even had to rescue him to safety. Fortunately, there were no major casualties, besides the umbrella.