10 Ridiculous Pre-Shot Routines

The pre-shot routine is a key component to how a player gets ready to hit their shot. Something that’s repeatable and dependable under pressure is what we’re all going for, but whether you waggle or not, chances are you’ve never seen anything like these.

Here are 10 ridiculously weird pre-shot routines from amateurs all the way through the pros. 

Take Your Time

One of the most unusual pre-shot routines we have ever seen comes from this gentleman at the driving range. He starts out by shaking out the hands and arms then he goes straight to midsection gyrations because that obviously is where his power comes from.

Once that’s loose, the rhythm travels down his left leg and eventually consumes his whole body we think in an effort to be one with the ball. He finally takes the club back and makes the swing. The best part is the guy next to him has time to hit two shots before he even hits one! 


What we have here is a backup on the tee probably because this guy takes nine years before hitting the shot. Instead of politely asking him to play through, this cameraman takes the liberty to film him and make comments for the world to see. You know how the old saying goes, If you can’t play through ’em, film ’em! 

The Mimic

Sometimes the best way to improve your swing is to study those around you. You can learn a lot from others on the course or range, and naturally, you may want to copy a golfer’s routine. While you cannot always guarantee the same results, at the very least, we can all admit that imitation is the sincerest form a flattery.


Poor Kevin Na. Even the pros struggle with their pre-shot routine sometimes. The thing about golf is being able to pull the trigger and when you’re not confident in yourself it becomes a daunting task. Then add in a gallery and TV cameras watching you, and the challenge is multiplied exponentially.


First, this lefty steps up to the ball like he’s already scared. Then he gets his right arm loose and then he waggles, but these aren’t just any waggles, though. They become increasingly bigger with every passing second. Finally, he pulls the trigger and the swing is pretty much what you would expect.



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Here’s one that’ll make you laugh every time. Even though we know it’s a parody because Tour pro Ben Crane really doesn’t dress or act like this, the half robot, half field goal kicker-routine is gold. Plus nothing beats the skin tight suit and helmet.

Who’s Weirder

Whether it is the club twirls and waggles or shuffle steps and stink eyes, friends Jason Dufner and Keegan Bradley each have their own unique (some would say odd) ways of addressing their respective shots. While none of these quirky methods are guaranteed to make you hit a better shot, they have clearly worked for this pair of PGA Championship winners.

Lay it Flat

At first glance, this kid appears to have a fairly decent setup, but once he gets moving, it’s all downhill from there. He drops the hands basically lying the club flat on the ground, before hoisting into the air with a full-body dry heave. We aren’t even going to touch on the follow through.

Shake It Out


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This wild pre-shot routine might be a bit exaggerated, but it was too good to pass up. He shakes out the arms and follows it up with an unprecedented out of control reverse windmill-type move to get the blood flowing. It’s surprising we don’t see this more on Tour.