10 Ridiculous Rough Fails

Thank goodness it’s Friday, but depending on how your week went you may have had to weather a rough few days in the office. So to lighten the mood, laugh along with these 10 hilarious bloopers of golfers playing from the rough.



When your upset Hurricane Irma is ruining your weekend #golffail #fails #golfaddict

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What happens when there is brush is in the way of your backswing? Use your club as a machete and chop it down, obviously. The gentleman who clearly was frustrated with where his ball ended up after his last shot shows us the perfect way to clear a path so he can make a swing. After several hacks, he was comfortable enough to attempt to make a pass at it. As expected, it did not go as planned and almost whiffs as he picks up a large chunk of earth. But that did not stop him from going full send afterward as he launched his club deep into the marsh. Chalk that one up as a lost ball, lost club, and loss of dignity.

Mud Bath

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There are plenty of golf destinations that include hotel and spa packages, but this guy may have found a way to both play, and exfoliate his skin with some treated mud, though the white shirt and khakis may have been a poor choice



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This shot doesn’t look like much fun to hit, but it definitely makes some hilarious entertainment. After taking a hack on the side of a hill, this guy takes a spill and slides all the way down and walks away like nothing happened.

Tree Hugger

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We’ve all been there, you shank a shot into the tree line and you have only one choice, and that is play it where is lies. This guy does everything he can to get into position just to get the ball anywhere that he can play it without needing to buy the tree dinner first.

JT’s Rough Adventure 

The rough doesn’t just effect amateurs. Here’s a fight Justin Thomas had at the 2017 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale that he didn’t win. That doesn’t look like any fun.


This guy’s friends showed no mercy laughing hysterically as he failed a couple times trying to excavate his ball from the rough. While he opted to take a drop after, he was quick to point out he was still beating his buddy on the hole who apparently hit two off the cliff.



What’s that saying… ‘don’t get caught with your pants down’?? ???????? #pranks

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Boys will be boys. This guy gets sent into shrubbery mid-bathroom break with a powerful dropkick from his friend (we use that term loosely.) Fortunately, he emerges afterward like nothing even happened. 

Kevin Na’s U.S. Open Demonstration 

Kevin Na showed fans what the 2017 U.S. Open fescue looked with this demonstration and it did not look like anything we’d want to be part of. The USGA  actually cut it back two days prior to the championship.

Look Out For Balls In Play

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Golf has a high probability of cool things that can happen, from amazing shots to spectacular fails, so amateur videographers need to be on their toes to capture the best moments. What they also need to do is make sure they are far enough out of the way so as to not become part of the action. So take a lesson from this guy and make sure not to stand directly behind the person taking their shot.

Happy Birthday


While it isn’t technically a fail, this is equally as impressive. Skip to 25 seconds in as this gentleman attempts a daring backward escape from off the fairway. Several practice swings seemed to pay off as he made great contact and sent the ball flying over his golf cart. Happy birthday to him, indeed!