Crazy Snake Encounters On The Golf Course

Snake sightings on the golf course are nothing new, but it does not make them any less terrifying every single time.

Whether it’s seeing them from a distance or getting up close and personal, here are 10 frightening snake encounters on the golf course.

Snake Handler  

If you see a snake this big on the golf course what would you do? Personally, we would run away instantly, but this guy opts to take a different approach. Obviously, he has some experience in handling snakes judging by the way he nonchalantly walks over and picks it up like it is no big deal.

After some time trying to get acquainted with the serpent, his buddy hands him a golf club so he can maneuver it like a true snake handler. He ends up letting it go back to its home in the wild, but it still made for an entertaining video if you are into that sort of thing.


Pro Tip: if you see a cobra on the course, don’t throw golf balls at it. Not only is it not smart, it’s downright terrifying. Here we see it happen twice and each time the snake brings its hood out basically saying, “I dare you to do that again.”


This picture from course superintendent Ed Martinez might be the most terrifying sight in the world. Imagine you’re casually going about your business changing cups just like its any other day, and then you look down and you see a snake head popping through the hole. Good thing he looked before putting his hand in there! 

Cobra Chase

Here we have some wild footage of a cobra chasing after a golfer. That thing was coming full steam, but thankfully somebody who clearly has experience with snakes was on the scene to bash it over the head before it attacked the person filming.

No Practice For Lee

Lee Westwood snapped this photo of a King Brown snake on the range at a tournament earlier in 2018 in Australia. Lee had the right idea: when you come across a snake like that, it’s probably best to take a break and grab a cup of coffee.

Python vs. Gator

A group of golfers encountered a python and alligator locked in a battle in the middle of the hole they were playing. So what did they do? Took a free drop and kept on going.

Rattle Snake Lesson

This little rattlesnake was found by a brave golfer who conveniently is wearing two golf gloves. Sure there is a Train song on in the background, but the rattle is the sounds that really freaks us out. While we enjoy seeing the close up of the snake’s face, we could do without it! 

No Fear! 

Here we have another fairly large snake slithering across the fairway. After several attempts to grab it, the barefoot golfer picks it up while his buddy calls him crazy. He then deposits him in the brush next to the fairway like a true reptile lover.


This is nature’s fury at its finest. The giant snake took down a whole wallaby on an Australian golf course. Unfortunately, we don’t have the actual footage, but this gives you a pretty good idea of what it looked like. 

Hawk vs. Snake

Another scene that looks like it was ripped right out of Planet Earth. This hawk and snake got into it for the ultimate battle of survival. This round looks like it went to the hawk.