10 Stereotypical Annoying Golf Fans

Just like the game itself, attending a professional golf tournament has its own set of etiquette rules.

It may not be listed on your badge in fine print, but it’s assumed everybody knows them; common sense things like respect and courtesy seem simple enough to maintain a few hours, especially if you’re an adult. However, there will always be folks who don’t get it.

Here are 10 stereotypical annoying golf fans.

Falling Over Drunk Guy

We kick off this annoying golf fan list at the biggest party on the PGA Tour. The Waste Managment Open held at TPC Scottsdale is famous for its rowdy par-3 16th producing one of the most unique atmospheres in all of sports, but also for the outside the ropes festivities which usually consists of drinking heavily for several hours in the hot Arizona sun on a picture perfect day.

As any seasoned spectator will tell you, attending a tournament is usually a marathon, not a sprint when it comes to booze. But you can bank on a few spectators having several too many and the results are usually either annoying, hilarious, or both. For example, take a look at this guy’s balancing act! Thankfully, somebody walking behind had the presence of mind to film the entire embarrassing sequence. Pro tip: don’t be this guy.

Mashed Potato Guy

We all know this guy. Check that…we’ve all heard this guy. “Mashed potatoes” has been among the longest standing idiotic, annoying phrases yelled after a tee shot. Granted it should have no effect on the player since it’s usually shouted obnoxiously after impact, it still doesn’t make it right. 

Dressing Like Your Favorite Golfer Guy


Wearing your favorite player’s jersey to the game was cool to do when you were a kid, but this is becoming an epidemic. While golf apparel is different than say a Michael Jordan jersey and it’s commonly worn to tournaments by spectators, grown men are out there wearing their favorite player’s logo while following them. Extra points if you wear white pants! Seriously, is this Jordan Spieth? 

Picking Up a Ball In Play Guy (or in this case, girl)

Finding a golf ball on the course is one of life’s great pleasures. However, when you’re attending a golf tournament and come across one, please fight your natural instincts to pick it up. It probably is there for a reason. Luke Donald experienced this very situation at the 2014 WGC-Cadillac Championship.

Autograph Guy

We understand autographs are a collector’s item and some people even make it a business, don’t be this guy. First of all, cutting in between women and children is not a good look. Secondly, if the player doesn’t sign for you, there’s probably a reason. This is just embarrassing. 

Baba Booey Guy

Along the same lines as “Mashed Potatoes,” “Baba Booey” is equally annoying and literally means nothing on the golf course. The name comes from a producer on the Howard Stern Show. 

Periscope Guy

While you don’t see many of these today, there’s always one guy at a pro tournament that carries one of these artifacts around. The periscope is used to get a better view when the gallery is several rows deep. Stop living in the past man…and stop blocking our view! 

Big Hat Guy


We get it. It’s a big hat. And you’re a huge Rickie Fowler fan. Good for you. You look ridiculous. Nobody is laughing with you, they are laughing at you. 

Trophy Ceremony Interrupter Guy

Somebody just completed a life long dream, but this idiot needs to make the moment about him. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it usually results in the person winding up in jail. 

Running To A Wayward Drive Guy

The player on the tee just launched one in your general direction. The marshal is waving his paddle frantically while the faint sound of the word “fore” can be heard in the distance. Next thing you know, total chaos breaks out. It’s a mad dash to get in position to see you favorite player up close all day because you were too impatient to try to get a good spot. Next time you get the urge to run like a school child, remember your surroundings. In Augusta, you could get thrown out for doing that.