10 Strange Places To Find A Golf Ball

Golf is a funny game sometimes, and golf balls can occasionally end up in the strangest of places.

Make sure to look in these 10 bizarre places if you’re ever up against the clock and looking for a lost ball. 



You may recall this one from the 2016 Ryder Cup. Yes, that is Brooks Koepka’s golf ball lodged in the backpack of his opponent’s (Thomas Pieters) father. After pulling his drive to the left, it took a hop and somehow managed to end up there. It’s a good thing he was granted relief, otherwise, things could’ve gotten messy. 

Embedded Ball

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Chances are if you have ever played golf, you have probably hit a tree on one shot or another. We are talking about either something square or a passing blow to the trunk, roots, branches, or leaves. Typically the ball will ricochet off of it, usually ending up in a worse spot. Maybe if you are lucky, you will catch a break. This, however, is a new one. A gentleman by the name of Richard Mitchell who is the greenskeeper at a golf club in England was chopping up some fallen trees and came across this unique situation. What he found was a golf ball perfectly encased in the bark. Who knows how it came to rest there, but good luck playing it from that lie! 


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If you know anything about foxes, you know they like to carry their preys’ eggs away their nests and either eat them or bury them for future consumption. The thing is a golf ball looks a lot like an egg to an unsuspecting fox. The outcomes usually look something like this. You may want to take a drop because you won’t be getting that one back. 


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Here’s an interesting place to find your golf ball. Before the WGC Match Play moved from Dove Mountain in Arizona to Austin, Texas, the pros had the pleasure of dealing with cacti like this one. However, this was one of the rarest things we saw there, besides if you recall, the snow in the middle of a desert which delayed the tournament.  


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Here’s one place we don’t suggest looking for your golf ball. Really, anything that hisses we suggest staying away from. It turns out this python consumed four balls at one time and needed an operation to survive. 


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It’s one thing to hit a tree or although rare, have an embedded ball in one as we saw earlier. But it’s another thing to get your ball stuck in one. Who can forget the time Sergio’s ball got stuck in a tree during the 2013 WGC-Cadillac Championship? We are sure a few of you have been there before. Maybe you didn’t climb it, but then again not all of us are Masters champions.



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We aren’t sure how exactly this golf ball ended up on this gator’s back, and quite frankly we aren’t going to try and figure it out. All you know is that if you find your ball in this predicament, take a drop do closer to the hole, or the cold-blooded reptile that is currently stalking you might want to eat you for lunch.


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If you are Happy Gilmore fan, you may remember this scene when Shooter McGavin found “Frankenstein’s fat foot.” Well, this constitutes as a strange place to find a ball and there is no doubt that you need to play it as it lies. Just be sure to flash the double pistols when you put it on the green. 


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If you’re looking for your ball, try checking the chicken coop. Your wayward drive just may lead to egg production! Here’s probably something you didn’t know: farmers are using golf balls to encourage hens’ to nest and this lay more eggs. 


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This poor turtle has seen better days. Clearly, it is one of the most unusual places to find a golf ball. Fair to say taking relief would benefit you and our shelled friend.