10 Things Every Tour Pro House Must Have

Tour professionals are typically on the road for weeks at a time, but everybody needs a home base. Sure, sleeping in your own bed is great, but it is the other amenities that make it like no place else.

So whether you are purchasing a new home, or thinking about a spring remodeling project, here are 10 things to keep in mind that would make your house like a Tour pro’s. 

Private Practice Facility


If you are a top player on the PGA Tour, chances are you got there by hard work, dedication, and a lot of practice. It also probably means you can afford a home that would allow you to keep your game sharp.

If you are investing in a home, a private practice facility is a must. It can be as small as a one-hole putting green or it could be as big as the one Tiger’s got at his Jupiter estate as pictured above, which has several golf holes than can be adjusted based on his mood.

Home Theatre


Every top player needs a theater/media room in their home. Obviously, it’s a great escape when it’s raining outside, but it’s also a perfect place to watch a big game, or better yet, the telecast replay of your latest win. Watching TV anywhere else would be uncivilized!

Game Room


Pro golfers love competition and when they are not on the course, most of the time you can find them in the game room, or the bar, but mostly the game room. From a state of the art golf simulator to as something as simple as a ping pong table, this room is one you can’t do without. 

Equipment Room


Professional golfers accumulate massive amounts of equipment and other sports memorabilia that may or may not be given to them over the years through sponsorships, gifts, etc. It’s important to have a room in the house that is available to store it that’s not the garage because chances are there are several cars in their already. Pictured here is the late Arnold Palmer’s equipment room that could be mistaken for a sports hall of fame. 

Trophy Room


Every top golfer should have a room dedicated to trophies only. After all, you have to dream big to win big. Any space that isn’t filled is extra motivation to get another W. Pictured here is Rory in his trophy room from a while back. It’s gotten a bit more filled up since then.  

Wine Cellar


Wine cellars are a requirement for all top pro houses. Where else are you going to store that $4,000 bottle of Chateau Margaux 2009 Balthazar? Exactly. Whether you’re grabbing a bottle to celebrate a win or to pair with a fine meal, it always tastes better coming from your own cellar. 

Legit Garage


When you have a collection of sports cars, you need more than a multiple car garage. You need tiled floors. You need hydraulic lifts. Pictured here is a small part of Ian Poulter’s garage. He’s got the idea.

Basketball Court


Game rooms are nice, but your own indoor basketball court is better. What better place is there to work on your J when you’re not grinding on your golf game than in the comfort of your own home. Pictured here is Jordan Spieth’s home court.

Exercise Room 


Staying in shape is a crucial aspect in golf and everyday life and therefore your own gym is essential. Why use a sweaty machine after somebody else when you don’t have to? Plus having your own gym leaves no excuse for not working out.

Home Office


If you’re a professional, business doesn’t just take place on the golf course. You need a place to sit down with your team, agent, sponsors, etc to negotiate your next deal. A luxurious home office is a perfect place to show you the money!