10 Tips & Tricks For Buying Cheap Golf Club

10 Tips & Tricks For Buying Cheap Golf Clubs

Whether you are looking to update your bag, or looking to get a friend or loved one into the sport, let’s face it: golf equipment can be expensive, but there’s hope!

Here are 10 tips and tricks for finding cheap golf clubs.



You can literally buy anything on Craigslist. Not unsurprisingly, one of those items are golf clubs. In addition to the equipment offered by sellers, which are usually inexpensive, you can run a “Looking to Buy” ad on the site and name your price range.



Another place you can buy literally buy almost anything is on E-Bay. The popular auction site is a wonderful place for folks looking golf clubs of all varieties from used to new. However, buyer beware. If you want to buy top-of-the-line equipment this may not be your best bet as counterfeit rings have been busted for selling phony clubs made of inferior materials but still say Callaway or Titleist.

Discontinued Models


Golf technology feels like it changes every day. While the Tour pros always will be swinging the latest equipment, you are actually the one in luck. Just like cars, golf clubs depreciate in value substantially when the next year’s models hit the market.

They may not necessarily be the cheapest, especially if you are buying them new, but if you do some digging you can find something very worth while. And let’s be honest, the driver that came out two years ago will still likely have the same pop today unless you’re investing in some persimmon woods for reasons we don’t even want to know. 

Yard and Estate Sales


One of the most prime territories for cheap golf clubs is garage and yard sales. People hosting these events want one thing: to unload their stuff at any cost…therefore prices are usually negotiable.

While it isn’t a guarantee that you will find the hottest driver currently on Tour, you really never know what you will find. Maybe there’s an old putter that they have no idea is worth much more than it really is. The trick is to go into it not looking for anything. Lower your expectations just like you were on a golf course. That way you’ll never be disappointed.

Garages and Attics


Before going out and spending money on some used equipment, start with your family and friends. Does Uncle Joe still hack it around? Or are his clubs sitting up in his attic collecting dust? Chances are the people closest to you won’t be expecting top dollar for a set of Spalding’s from the 1980s.

Hopefully, you’ve been nice enough to them over the years that they’ll give the sticks to you for free.

Tips For Buying Used Clubs


Used clubs are more often than not the cheapest way to find golf clubs. However, finding and buying them can be a bit of a process:

– Don’t sweat the small stuff: Golf clubs are going to get beat up regardless if you buy them new or used. Nicks and scratches are part of the deal but as long as there is no blatant gouge on the face that would affect contact, it usually won’t matter.

– Examine the clubs: Used clubs are exactly that…they are used. Be sure to inspect the clubs if possible for dents, worn grooves, shaft nicks, etc. These can all greatly affect the performance.

– If you get a chance to hit the club, do it. There’s nothing worse than taking home a used club and on the first swing, the head goes further than the ball.

– Beware of counterfeit clubs.

Thrift Shops

chrissie kremer / Unsplash

Thrift shops are ideal for finding old clubs at low prices, some of which would even classify as antiques. While they are hit and miss due to the nature of donations, it is not unusual to find wooden shafted clubs or a putter that looks like the original Calamity Jane, in addition to more “modern” sets of irons and woods.

These charitable stores aren’t limited to golf clubs either. You can find some stylish albeit vintage clothes at bargain prices. Who knows, you may even stumble across a legitimate Augusta National green jacket with a $5 price tag which has been done before.

Used rack at your local golf shop


You never know what you are going to find on the used rack at your local golf shop. You could be in there literally every day of the week and see something different each time. You just have to be open-minded and in most instances, get lucky.

Golf Course Bulletin Board


Most people go to the course to play or practice. However, it’s also a great resource to connect with folks who may be selling used clubs. It’s not unusual to find notices posted on the bulletin board of your local muni or club. Prices are usually low to begin with but are also negotiable.

Golf Retail Websites


Online golf retailers also have some spectacular savings on golf clubs. Websites like Carl’s Golfland and 2nd Swing offer a variety of great deals on new and used equipment.