9 Tips and Tricks for Playing in the Rain

The spring is here and there’s nothing more frustrating that finally getting the temperatures high enough to play golf only to have bad weather ruin it.

From waterproof gear to basic swing thoughts, here are 10 tips and tricks for playing golf in the rain.

Waterproofs/Rain Suit

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Any legit golfer knows that in order to play your best, you need to be prepared for the elements. That’s why you need proper waterproof gear from head to toe, usually in the form of a rain suit. While there are many options to choose from, you want to make sure you get something that says waterproof, not water resistant. You also want look for things like zippered bottoms which will make taking them on and off infinitely easier, especially in a downpour. It’s up to you if you want short or long sleeves, full-zip, quarter-zip etc. You get the idea. Just make sure you buy a size big enough that gives you enough room to swing the club.

Rain Gloves


Rain gloves are one of if not, the most genius inventions in the modern game of golf. Finally, there’s a way to swing the club in the rain just as if it were a perfectly sunny, 72-degree day. The craziest part is the wetter they get, the tackier they become. If you’re skeptical, don’t be. They used to come in only black, but now there’s a white and gray version as well. Buy a pair here.

Dry towel

Most golfers will have a towel with them out on the course to wipe down their sticks, or to dry off the sweat on a scorching hot day. The trick, however, is keeping it dry on a rainy day which can be a challenge. First, we suggest stashing an extra towel in the bag (as well as extra socks) when you know the weather is going to be foul. When it starts coming down, pop open the umbrella and hang your towel on the metal spokes. That way it will remain dry and easily accessible because you are going to need it. 

Thoughts to Keep in Mind

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Even if you have the best rain gear in the world, it won’t matter if you don’t acknowledge the fact the ball will react differently when struck when wet. For one thing, drivers today are made to reduce spin, however, when the face gets wet, it makes it much more difficult to control. The best example of this was Bubba Watson at the 2014 PGA Championship letting everybody know that there was “water on the clubface, bro.”

You also must factor the moisture into the amount of roll you can expect in the fairways and how the ball will spin on the green. Obviously, the same course could play entirely different after a good soaking. The rough will play more difficult. Your club will skid at impact. Green speeds will change drastically, too. It’s crucial to make adjustments as soon as possible during or before your round. 

Waterproof Phone Case/Plastic Bags

If you are like us, we love using our SwingU app on our phones, however, rain can make it tricky. Needing to check yardage, wind, elevation etc. when the sky opens up is not exactly ideal. A waterproof smart phone case is the simplest solution for this problem. Now you can get precise distances to the green with out the worry your phone is going to short out. For those who’d rather not purchase a phone case, a Ziploc plastic snack or sandwich bag will work just fine. 

Windproof Umbrella

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A good umbrella is essential if you want to remotely consider playing in the rain. While it seems obvious, the right umbrella can be the difference between having a great day or a miserable time on the course. We suggest investing in a windproof 64″ – 68″ umbrella, which is also the size most Tour players carry themselves. It provides more than enough room under it even if you’re carrying your bag. If that’s too much, you can go always go smaller, we won’t judge. 

Rain Hat

A golf rain hat is a sound investment for anybody who plays in the rain frequently or is planning a trip to where they know its going to pour (ie England, Scotland, etc). From traditional bucket hats to standard baseball caps, you can find the proper waterproof headwear that suits your style. Or you can go old school like Jim Furyk back during the 2010 Tour Championship. 

Phil gave us a free lesson in foul weather gear at the 2016 Open Championship at Royal Troon when he rocked a binder clip on his hat to prevent it from blowing off in the Scottish breeze. While it’s not exactly the most fashionable of golf attire, it’s functional, just like a 64-degree wedge. With rain sometimes comes wind. Thanks to Phil, now you’re prepared. 

Fresh Grips and Spikes

The golf swing is all about leverage so it’s crucial to take some fresh grips and spikes out to the course on a rainy day. They are essentially your two main points of contact and without either one, its impossible to strike the ball cleanly. Not saying you need to regrip your clubs every time you play in the rain, but be mindful of of when these things start to wear. Even if the weather is cooperating, worn spikes and grips will cost you strokes. 

Waterproof bag/cover

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Not only have carry bags become lighter in weight over the years, but a good portion of them are also now waterproof. However, if you aren’t that fancy, most bags come with an attachable rain hood that you snap on or latch on. This here was a unique solution! Just make sure you remember to take it with you to the course.