10 Unbelievable Mini Golf Shots

Mini golf is a timeless activity. Whether you are breaking the first date jitters or playing a round with your family, miniature golf is a game that those of all ages and abilities can play and enjoy. Plus, there’s usually the allure of winning a free round with an ace on the last hole.

In honor of National Miniature Golf Day, here are 12 incredible mini golf shots we found across the internet.

Keep it simple

Putting doesn’t need to be complicated. In one of the crazier golf compilation videos you’ll see, this dude grills, reads, and even plays frisbee while he drains these mini golf putts without even breaking stride. Since it doesn’t look edited, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that this is all real. Now, let’s see him do this on the real course! 


Skip to 00:50 in this video to get to the really exciting part. Two friends hit their first shots and watch them settle next to each other on the green below. Then in a crazy turn of events, the third shot hits the first two and sends them sprawling in different directions, only for all three balls to end up in the cup for a triple hole-in-one. 

Ghost Ball

The group’s reactions to this shot might be better than the shot itself. The “ghost ball” is levitated right over a fountain, almost like it is teed up. The golfer hits it out of mid-air and even though it is hard to see, he banks it off the wall and drains the putt. 

Over the River and Through the Woods

The suspense is killer in this minute-long clip. The ball starts off on a cliff and is hit into a small creek. It trickles down and eventually finds its way back into play, where it immediately hits pay-dirt. 

Double Trouble

These two couples seem to be braving the cold to enjoy a round of mini golf, and it was definitely worth it. This golfer’s first shot is cranked off of the windmill and ends up ricocheting into the cup of another hole for her first hole in one. She gets her breakfast ball and actually keeps her ball in play on her second try, draining that putt the first time as well for two hole-in-ones in as many strokes. 


There was definitely some luck involved with this ace but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. The ball clanks its way down the wall of colorful shapes and takes one bounce off the wall and streaks for the cup. There must have been some serious break in the green because the ball has some serious bite at the end as it curls in. 


This golfer took the risk of going straight into the ridge of rocks to the right and it happened to pay off. His ball takes a couple bounces as it goes down the incline but eventually finds the bottom of the hole. It pops right out at first but is drawn back in almost immediately. 

Father’s Day

A great father-son moment is caught on camera here. A young boy drains his first attempt and then his dad follows it up with an ace of his own, all caught on camera in one take. We learned that it was Father’s Day from the description in this video, and years from now these two might be playing the real game on Father’s Day and remember this crazy moment.


The two-tiered holes are an all-time favorite on most mini golf courses. This golfer launches his ball and watches it take one bounce off the back wall and drop straight in. It trickles down to the lower tier and finds its home for a crazy trick shot. 

Course Record?

Whether these shots were made on the first try will remain unknown, but these guys still had a great day out on the course. They aced every hole they played with swagger. The music adds a nice touch as well. This impressive display definitely earns a spot on this list.