10 Unbelievable Trick Shots

Golf trick shots certainly have come a long way since the days of this game-changing Tiger Woods’ Nike commercial. Aided by the help of the internet, Go-Pro cameras, and even props in some cases, people from across the world have joined together on a mission to up the anti one trick shot at a time. In honor of National Creativity Day, here are 10 of the best we’ve seen on the internet in no particular order.

In The Bag

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It’s important to pick up after yourself during a round, you never want to leave a mess, or club, behind on the course. If you find yourself routinely leaving clubs on previous holes, next round you can always try the Josh Kelley approach for getting your club back in your bag.

It would be impossible to leave behind a club if your follow through puts the club right back into the bag for you. Although if you miss the bag you may have a whole new set of problems depending on who is standing behind you.

A Balancing Act


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Standing surefooted on the ground and hitting a golf ball is standard procedure, and while it may not go where you want, pretty much everyone can hit a ball in those circumstances.

What Coach Rusty does here defies words. Not only is he bouncing the ball in front, over the head, between the legs, and just generally all around his area before smashing the drive, but he is doing it all while on a balance board. Try to imagine yourself even being able to stand on the board without falling and you’ll understand the skill this took to complete.

Twice As Nice


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Trick Shooting isn’t just a man’s game, as there are plenty of female golfers who can one up with the best of them. One of the most impressive is Tania Tare, whose Instagram feed is filled with amzing shot after amazing shot.

Here she literally hits amazing shot after amazing shot. The speed in which she cuts through the ball on the ground, in time to hit the falling ball is a marvel. So make sure to check out what else she can do, because she does not miss.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


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Sometimes you need a friend to pull off something amazing. If that’s the case, you need to be totally in sync in order to achieve the results that Josh and Rusty were able to here.

It’s impressive enough that Josh was able to maintain his balance standing on Coach Rusty, but to hit the ball Rusty tee’d up for him is next level awesome.  

He’s A Pinball Wizard


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The more things you add to your trick shot 2 things happen. The first is that there are more ways in which the trick could go wrong, and could result in you never being able to perform it.

The second is that the trick becomes even more impressive, because, through all of the parts, you still managed to get the ball where it needed to go. That is the case here, where the ball needed to bounce off 9 different panels before finding its way into the hole. You can even tell by his reaction that he didn’t even think it was going to go in.

I Can Ride A Bike With No Handlebars

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They say it becomes much harder the older you get to learn how to ride a unicycle, and if that’s true, then for many of us, it may already be too late.

It is no easy task to ride one, so multitasking with golf shots put the skill on a whole other level. The compilation of trick shots from this one wheeled wonder should make all those who shoot poorly on the ground insanely jealous.



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Turns out you don’t even need a ball to make an epic trick shot. Here we see a man put the ultimate trust in Josh Kelley to hit a dart with his club with enough force to stick in the board, without sticking into his hand first.

While he didn’t hit the bullseye on this turn, the 16 is respectable, and he can cross that off as one if he’s keeping cricket score.

How’s Your Short Game

While this may not be a trick shot in the traditional sense, lacking all of the usual club flips and ball bounces, if you told people that you make putts from the bunker they would think you were and either a sorcerer or an idiot.

This guy may be a little of both it would seem as he lines up and takes the biggest whack you’ve probably ever seen with a putter, and not only gets out of the sand but makes the biggest save ever by holing out.

Off The Wall


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How many times were you told, not to play in the house? It’s an understandable request, you can’t have balls bouncing all over the place. Well, next time somebody tells you that, show them this amazing shot by Paige Spiranac.

She surprises even herself with this crazy bounce shot off the wall and into a cup that is high off the ground. Seeing the shock on her face is great, but the excitement of her running the ball back to show the camera is even better.

Beer Pong Tania

What happens when you combine golf trick shots and beer pong? As Tania Tare shows us, a pretty remarkable video. Every cup she hit used some different variation of her awesome skills.