10 Unorthodox Putters

Whether you like it or not, putting is a required part of playing golf, and you have to be able to trust the flat stick in your hand with your life. Golfers usually don’t discriminate in terms of looks, as long as it gets the ball in the hole. The one is what works for somebody may not work for someone else.

So if you are one of the people celebrating today’s unofficial holiday, here are 10 putters that may cause you to think you’re hallucinating.

Cleveland Smart Square Stubby


During last year’s European Tour Joburg Open, South African Jaco Van Zyl used a putter that’s just about the size of the ball. Technically it’s a training aid, but when you’re on Tour, apparently it’s just another flat stick.

The putter is actually a Cleveland Smart Square Stubby and it was first introduced back in 2014. It was designed to help build a consistent stroke and promote confidence due to the fact the face is literally the width of a golf ball. Essentially, if you can putt with this, you can putt with anything.

Brick on a Stick


Sandy Lyle used this monstrosity during the 2013 Masters which was affectionately known as a “brick on a stick.” “It is strange. My putter certainly wouldn’t win a beauty contest, I know that,” he said. He went on to make the cut on the 25th anniversary of his 1988 victory.



Bryson DeChambeau is always tinkering with his equipment and decided that in 2017 he would go face-on or side-saddle putting. Essentially you face the target and swing the club like a pendulum, and of course, he designed his own putter. However, the USGA has deemed the putter non-conforming and he has since reverted back to a traditional style.

Ice Cube


This putter is ice cold. Well not really, but the fact that is this putter does look like a block of ice. The idea behind this unique new ice-mallet is to be able to line your putt up without restrictions. It stands on its own so you can get behind and actually see through it. While no players are currently using it on tour, we expect at least one person to test it out in competition eventually. 

Winged Tip


Jesper Parnevik was a legendary dresser with his unique colors and flipped up brim, but it was his putter that was one of the most unique aspects about him. He used a putter by StickyGolf which featured an extra shallow clubface with wings. As ridiculous as it looked, he won the 2001 Honda Classic with it.

Odyssey White Steel Tri-Ball SRT


Everybody is looking for the secret to putting, regardless of what it looks like. Take the Odyssey White Steel Tri-Ball SRT for example. It combined their very popular 2-ball putter with an added extra “ball,” with their traditional blade insert putter, and then topped it off with a perimeter balance ring. 



The broomstick handle putter was the original anchored putter first introduced back in the 1980s and caught the attention of a few pros, including Sam Torrence. Torrence always had trouble battling the yips and realized this effectively cured them. Sure it looked absurd, but as long as the ball went in the hole, it didn’t matter. Of course, the anchoring ban has done away with these, however, there are still some players who prefer long putters, they just don’t anchor them.



Another absurd Odyssey design, this two-ball putter was built with the shaft entering the back of the clubhead in an effort to improve alignment and the view of the ball. They called it the Backstryke and new European Ryder Cup Captain Thomas Bjorn even put it in play a few times back in the day. Needless to say, there’s a reason why we don’t see these too often anymore.

Hockey Stick


While it’s never been used on a real professional tour, this custom Odyssey putter which was created for the movie Happy Gilmore actually exists. The no-good hockey player who could hit the ball a country mile used this amazing putter to steal the “gold jacket” away from the odds-on favorite, Shooter McGavin. You can own it too! 



If there was a putter invented for PGA Tour pro Ian Poulter, this is it! Poulter, a notorious Ferrari addict, hasn’t put this in play yet and we aren’t exactly sure why. With its fine Italian design fully complete with dual exhaust and spoiler, this putter can take you from six-over to even in a matter of a few holes.