10 Weird Headcovers

A headcover’s primary function is to protect your clubs, but over the years they have become an expression of individuality. Whether that’s a good thing is debatable.

From puppets to animal butts, here are 10 of the weirdest headcovers we’ve seen.

Little Bubba


Gerry Lester Watson, Jr., aka Bubba, was one of the first pros in recent memory who had a headcover that was made to look like himself. While it’s a pretty great idea to satisfy the narcissist in you, unfortunately, it is not all that flattering. Instead, it looks like a cast member from the movie Chucky who did not make the final cut.

Complete with overalls, visor, and a missing tooth like a true redneck, Little Bubba screams Florida panhandle, not unlike his owner considering that’s where he hails from. Sure, we like to joke around with Bubba from time to time, but the real question is whether or not Little Bubba has two really tiny green jackets as well.

Arby’s Curly Fries


There’s something a bit strange about fast food restaurants making golf headcovers, especially when their spokesperson actually uses it on tour. Of course, we are talking about Andrew “Beef” Johnston who has been in Arby’s stable since last year. Ironically these are curly fries and not even their trademark roast beef sandwich. That’s the weirdest part of all! 

Little Poulter


Another PGA player, another narcissistic headcover. Did you really expect anything different from Englishman Ian Poulter? From the chin strap beard (complete with soul patch!) to the sunglasses and visor, it’s basically spot on. We bet it also has its own Ferrari. 



Here we have the weirdest looking unicorn headcover in the history of unicorn headcovers. Decked out in pink, complete with bright, shiny hooves and classic unicorn horn, this headcover would be grounds for expulsion at most clubs across the world. At least it matches Bubba’s driver!

GEICO Caveman 


GEICO is one of those companies that does an amazing job with marketing, but this caveman headcover might be pushing it. You may have seen it on tour by guys who are sponsored by the insurance giant, but that’s probably because they are getting paid. No person in their right mind should willingly spend money on this, not 15 years ago when it was relevant, not now, not ever.

Baboon Butt


Animal butts are cute and all, but something about having a baboon’s red behind covering your driver seems a little off. Nothing says amateur like an upside down monkey butt. Unless you’re a huge Rafiki fan from the Lion King, don’t do it. 

Little Ryo


Yes, even Ryo Ishikawa also has his own headcover. The phenom from Japan made a splash on tour with his unique style and flashy play, and Little Ryo is no different. Complete with sunglasses on the visor (!), belt buckle and exactly matching hair, this headcover is so spot on its almost weird. 

Plumber’s Crack


Unless you are a plumber or a fan of plumber crack, this is in the running for the weirdest headcover we’ve ever seen. Nothing inspires confidence like looking at a butt crack with a plunger attached to it. This belongs in the toilet…pun thoroughly intended.



At least Tour pro Harold Varner III has a headcover that isn’t a replica of himself, but that doesn’t mean its not weird. Meet Gerald, a puppet his old roommate put in his bag a few years ago. When HV3 isn’t playing golf, he apparently likes to work on his ventriloquism.  

Tony Tony Chopper


If you don’t have a clue what this is, you’re probably not alone, but we know it’s probably one of the strangest headcovers anybody has ever seen. While the human/reindeer hybrid character from One Piece may be a great addition to the golf bag of any anime fan, it probably won’t have a place in yours. So if you’re thinking about upgrading your headcovers, make sure this one isn’t on your list.