100 Insane Mini Golf Trick Shots Will Blow Your Mind

There are endless amounts of golf trick shot videos on the Internet. It’d take years upon years to go through them all, and let’s be honest, no one has time for that. What we do have time for, though, is watching a video of 100 amazing mini golf trick shots. 

Allen Cox, a mini golf expert (clearly), spent two and a half years creating this video of 100 trick shots, and it was well worth it. I’m not sure why the video’s title has the word “fail” in it, though. It’s anything but a fail.

Sit back, and enjoy 20 minutes of the best trick shots you’ll see.

I still don’t know how he made some of those putts — especially the ones going from one hole to another. One thing’s for sure: I never want to play against this guy in mini golf, but I know someone who could compete … Bubba Watson

Cox should call the two-time Masters champion, and challenge him to a mini golf trick shot competition. Watson has a great trick shot of his own.

[h/t Bunkers Paradise]

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