12 Tour Pro Doppelgängers

They say that we all have a doppelgänger. When we look in the mirror, it can be terrifying to think that there might be somebody else looking in a mirror, thinking, “I can’t believe there can be two of me.”

Doubles exist in all walks of life, and we found a few professional golfers with famous celebrity look-alikes. Remember one thing, guys and gals, this is all written in a kind and caring way.

Phil Mickelson and Emilio Estevez 

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We start our double trouble list with the incredibly good looking duo of Phil Mickelson and actor Emilio Estevez. This stoic photo of Lefty is one of the rare ones when he’s not giving a thumbs up or smiling, and when lined up next to Estevez you can see the glaring similarities.

The light eyes, same nose, and perfectly chiseled cheekbones are some of the traits that stick out the most. Now the question becomes whether or not Estevez makes his caddie pull the pin from off the green. 

Nick Faldo and Harrison Ford

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One is an idol, cool, dapper, admired by men and women alike around the globe for his deeds and his looks. The other is Faldo. Who knew the six-time major winner could pass for an acting legend? 

Colin Montgomerie and Mrs. Doubtfire

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We mean no disrespect, but Monty sure does look like a fictional elderly English nanny. Mrs. Doubtfire was played by the late Robin Williams and it is said that it took hours to get the makeup just right before shooting. Fortunately, in Monty’s case, he just needs to show up for his tee time. 

Bernhard Langer and Michael Bolton

This one is so spot on, it’s just plain scary. At least we should all be thankful that Bernhard did not try to emulate Bolton’s hairstyle when the crooner was in his prime.

Brandt Snedeker and Larry Bird 

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Bet you never thought of this one before. Brandt Snedeker had some strikingly similar characteristics to basketball legend Larry Bird back in the day. Think Sneds made a decent decision choosing golf over basketball.

Davis Love III and Kevin Spacey 

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How about these devilishly handsome men in their 50s. Both have stellar resumes peppered with Ryder Cup wins and Academy Awards. Ironically, Spacey’s last name is actually Fowler – sort of like Rickie. If only his favorite color was orange! 

Zach Johnson and Joaquin Phoenix

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If you needed to do a double take on this one we understand. Zach Johnson is essentially Joaquin Phoenix with a green jacket and a Claret Jug. No word yet if Phoenix also chooses to lay up on most par-5s. 

Ian Poulter and Rod Stewart 

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Maybe it’s because they are both English, but if you slapped a visor on rock and roll legend Rod Stewart back in the day, you might confuse him with Ian Poulter. The problem is that “Ian the Mod” doesn’t have the same ring to it. 

Henrik Stenson and Kevin Bacon

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You can’t handle the truth! But yes, Henrick Stenson does have a striking resemblance to famed actor Kevin Bacon. It’s got to be the flat top! 

Billy Horschel and Christian Bale 

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It’s amazing Billy Horschel doesn’t also get notified by the “bat signal” when there’s crime in Gotham. The physical similarities to Christian Bale are uncanny.

Luke Donald and Neil Patrick Harris

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Former world number one Luke Donald shares some similar physical characteristics with the former Doogie Howser, M.D. Must be a blonde thing. 

Louis Oosthuizen and Shrek

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If you were to tell Old Tom Morris that the 2010 Open Championship winner could pass as a computer-generated ogre, he’d probably have no idea what you’re talking about. But the South African embraces his gentle monster characteristics. In fact, he even had a headcover of his doppelgänger in his bag.