13 Best Golf GIFs of 2013

Sometimes videos are too long. Sometimes pictures don’t say 1,000 words. Sometimes a great moment is captured in just a matter of seconds. For those instances, we have GIFs.

There were thousands of GIF-worthy moments this year pertaining to golf, but for the sake of brevity, we whittled down a list to our 13 favorite GIFs of 2013:

Lindsey Vonn puts “Sammy the Squirrel” on Tiger Woods’ back


Stunt driver catches golf ball in car

Catch ball in car

Apple explodes on impact

Apple smash

Golf official slams cart into tree

Cart crashes tree

Swing and a miss, kick and a miss

Planking golfer falls off cart

Golf cart planking

Ill-timed sprinkler nails golfer

Golf sprinkler

Craziest follow-through ever

Crazy golf swing

Matt Kuchar, Tiger Woods do the “Fresh Prince” high five

Tiger Woods Matt Kuchar high five

Jason Dufner taps wife Amanda’s behind after PGA win

Jason Dufner taps wife's butt

Dog finds a treat

Justin Timberlake shows Dustin Johnson his golf swing at AMA’s

Putting practice in hotel lobby

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