13 Crazy Golf Shot Slam Dunks

Golf is not a game of perfect, but sometimes it can be. While hole-outs are rare, nothing comes close to flying it in the cup. The technical term is called a slam dunk, and they are not limited to only the pros. Here are 13 of the more ridiculous golf slam dunks we’ve seen over the years.

Marcel Siem


Throw him the ????! @marcel_siem finds nothing but cup for an ace and takes home a brand new Porsche ????????

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If you are going to slam dunk a hole-in-one, do it when there’s brand new $150,000 performance automobile on the line. We get this list started during the third round of the European Tour’s 2017 Porsche European Open in Hamburg, Germany when fellow countryman Marcel Siem did the unthinkable. Siem, aced his tee shot on the 170-yard par-3 17th at Green Eagle G.C. which found nothing but the cup. The incredible hole out was good enough to earn him a 550-horsepower Porsche Panamera Turbo Tourismo Sport. We aren’t sure if the dance afterward was in celebration of the shot or the fact he just won a new car! We’ll just assume it’s both! 

Henrik Stenson

Henrik Stenson dialed up this beauty during the 2017 U.S. Open at Erin Hills. With 152 yards left for his second, the Big Swede dunked the approach and clearly didn’t believe it. After several seconds you can see him asking if it went in. Count that one as a deuce! 

Michael Jordan

His airness makes the list with this incredible hole-out from the bunker. Figures the greatest basketball player of all time also has a golf highlight called a slam dunk. We’d like to see him do this from the foul line. 

Ernie Els

The Big Easy slammed this one home at the 2016 Quicken Loans National from 100 yards out. The celebration is what we’d like to focus on. That fist pump was almost as smooth as his swing! 

Russell Henley

If you are going to dunk a shot, you might as well do it at Augusta National. During the 2017 Masters, Georgia native Russell Henley flew his approach shot from 185 yards in on a fly, wrecking the hole in the process. Good thing he did, otherwise the next shot from over the green would’ve been deadly. 

It’s Up And It’s Good!

Our first true amateur to make the list, this dude was casually pitching balls from off the green with the camera rolling. After what looks like a couple of attempts, this one found the bottom of the cup on a fly. He raises his arms in celebration for good reason.

Bryson DeChambeau 


Slam. Dunk. Eagle at the par-4 8th ignited Bryson DeChambeau’s (-2) opening-round at the #AustralianMasters.

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The mad scientist showed off his acute sense of physics this slam dunk at the 2016 Australian Masters. With wedge in hand, he dialed up the perfect distance and sent this one home. You can’t argue with science! 

Julie Inkster

Juli Inkster hit this beauty during the 2016 CP Open. As soon as it left her clubface she was calling for it to sit, and it did. It sat right down in the bottom of the cup for an eagle. 

Any Questions? 

Here’s a free lesson. This golf pro out of Luxembourg casually strolled up to his ball with the camera rolling and jarred this little chip shot like it was no big deal. The reaction is killer!

Carlos Ortiz

Lucky or Good? Golfer Carlos Ortiz Slam Dunk… by tieboldhiler

Carol Ortiz flew this one a little past where he probably wanted to, but fortunately for him, the hole got in the way. Don’t you hate it when that happens? We’ll take that problem any day.

Kevin Chappell

Kevin Chappell dunked this one for eagle at the 2016 Dean & Deluca Invitational. From 158 yards out, he took this lovely little swing and hit it perfectly burying it in the hole. The disbelief club flip is still one of the better reactions we’ve seen.

Walk Off


Nice! #pga #pgatour #golf #golfers #tekkers #skills

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This kid obviously has practiced this shot before, but the fact he pulled it off so nonchalantly is what makes it so intriguing. He flipped a little wedge from on the green and jarred it like he’s done it a thousand times. All that was missing was a club flip.

No Way

Eddie Wajda aced this par-3 during the Badger Open in dramatic fashion. If there wasn’t a video of it, nobody would’ve believed it. Even his coach had to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of this ultimate slam dunk.