2016 SxS Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide

Father’s Day is this Sunday, but you’ve had your gift for a few weeks now, right? Fear not, there’s a reason express shipping was invented. Now, all you need is something to buy. Swing by Swing has pulled the best of the best from every gift list to create this 18-part gift guide that is sure to bring a smile to your dad’s face this weekend.

1. SxS Looper ($15) – If you love your dad and want him to get better, Looper is a must. 


2. Titleist ProVI Golf Balls ($47.99) – Nothing says “I love you” quite like 12 of your dad’s best friends.


3. Under Armour Drive One Golf Shoes ($199.99) – Your dad might not be able to play like Jordan Spieth, but it doesn’t mean he can’t dress like him.


4. Jones Utility Stand Bag ($199.95) – If your dad’s in need of a new golf bag, you can’t go wrong with Jones Bags. The utility stand bag gives you a good option for both riding and hoofing it. 


5. Nike MM Fly Blade Block Shirt ($100) – Your dad is old, not dead. Maybe the joggers look isn’t for him, but the new collarless look from Nike can work on any age. 


6. Kentwool Tour Profile Socks ($19.95) – No one likes getting socks as a gift, unless they’re these life-changers from Kentwool. Tour pros take their feet very seriously and there’s a reason a number of them only will wear Kentwool.


7. GOLFZON Swing Talk ($149.99) – Realistically, you’re dad’s not getting a TrackMan for Father’s Day, but this little gadget gives him enough immediate feedback to help him work on his game without getting a lesson.


8. Birdie Box – No one knows your dad as well as you do. Birdie Box lets you customize a gift package for your dad ranging from equipment, accessories, magazines and gear. 


9. Augusta National Ballpark Blueprint ($60.00) – A perfect accent picture to any golfer’s den or office, Ballpark Blueprint brings you an architectural feel to the home of the Masters. 


10. Gladiator Golf Caddy Garage Organizer ($119.99) – Your dad knows better than anyone, a happy wife makes for a happy life. What makes his wife happy? A clean garage. The Golf Caddy is a gift for both of them. 


11. How to Play the World’s Most Exclusive Golf Clubs ($17.99) – Every golfer has a course bucket list and John Sabino has probably played every one on your list. His new book helps you get a tee time on the world’s most exclusive courses. 


12. SKLZ Golf Strong Workout Kit ($169.99) – You’re not saying your dad is fat, you’re saying you want to play golf with him for a few more years. There’s a difference. 


13. Zepp 2 ($149.99) – Another swing analyzer, the Zepp 2 clips to the back of your golf glove and gives you immediate feedback. 


14. Smathers & Branson Needlepoint Coozie ($29.50) – A simple, yet easily loveable and practical gift. Can’t go wrong with the Caddyshack gopher. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.56.34 PM

15. Carve On Yardage Book Cover ($89) – These personalized yardage books are a perfect accessory for a dad who has almost everything a golfer needs.  

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.00.44 PM

16. LostGolfBalls ProV1 Combo ($117.99) – Maybe your dad isn’t a serious player with ambitions of playing in the U.S. Amateur, but he enjoys getting out to the course. The refurbished golf ball combo from LostGolfBalls.com is perfect. Balls, tees, glove, towel. All in one. 


17. Game Golf ($199) – A great gift for a golfer who likes to keep their own stats. Game Golf takes care of yardages and gives the user feedback using the best stats available. 


18. David O’Keefe CaddyShack Art ($129.99) – For fathers of a certain age, Caddyshack is the only golf movie that matters. 



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