5 Great GoPro Videos

Aren’t GoPro cameras amazing? Strap one to your head as you ski. Affix it to your board as you surf. Bolt it onto the handlebars as you bike.

Or hit it like a golf ball.

That’s what Dave Phillips of the Titleist Performance Institute did. He dropped his GoPro camera in a bunker, and began chipping away. Obviously, he was aiming for the hole, and on the eighth try, he sunk the camera. Enjoy:

Of course, that began a search for more remarkable GoPro golf videos. Nothing that great came up. But you’d be amazed what does appear when you type “GoPro” into the YouTube search field.

Here are four other stellar GoPro video we stumbled upon:

Base jumping

Skateboarding in New York City

Skier falls from cliff and survives

And one from the fine folks at GoPro, who filmed 138 people skydiving

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