6 Dream Golf Yachts

As it turns out, golfers may hate the water while playing, but they love being on it when they’re done. However, nowadays, playing golf out at sea is a real thing.

While some pros including Tiger Woods and Greg Norman, have owned their own enormous vessels to get away from the game on occasion, other wealthy golf addicts use them to hone their skills.

Here are six dream golf yachts.


Back in 2015 Gray Design unveiled a concept for a floating piece of golf heaven which they call Fairwei (pronounced “fairway”). This 344-foot-long superyacht was drawn up in collaboration with golf pro-Francis Jacquemin, who’s made a name for himself teaching golf to clients aboard their own luxury yachts.

This yacht features putting greens and top-deck tee boxes, along with biodegradable golf balls that will turn into fish food in less than 48 hours, floating targets, high-tech golf swing analysis software, and golf shot distance calculator. As if you need anything else, it features all of the amenities you would expect at a five-star resort including a swimming pool, spa, and of course, a helipad.

Greg Norman’s “Aussie Rules”


Though the Shark no longer plays much competitive golf, the Aussie has become a strong businessman with his wines, course design company, and fashion line. All of that hard work has afforded Norman the $70 million needed for Oceanfast to build “Aussie Rules.” At 228 feet in length, at the time it was the world’s largest privately owned aluminum and composite yacht. Norman sold the boat in 2004.

Lady Lola


The Lady Lola is a one of a kind golf megayacht once owned by well-known businessman Duane Hagadone. The 200-foot long vessel features an automatic tee system on the top deck. It’s accompanied by floating holes that can be released into the water creating a “wet” 18-hole golf course. Yes, of course, the golf balls are biodegradable. Other features include a 3,000 square foot deck, plunging pool, grand piano, and a soundproof office. The asking price for this beauty was $53 million. Take a video tour here.

Tiger Woods’ “Privacy”


The same year Greg Norman sold his boat, Tiger Woods bought his, called “Privacy.” At 155 feet long, it is almost 75 feet shorter than Norman’s was, but still very impressive. The 155 Trideck Motor yacht was purchased for a reported $20 million from Christensen Shipyards in Vancouver, Wash. According to Power and Motor Yacht magazine, the boat travels at a top speed of 17 knots and can go 4,000 miles on its 12,000-gallon fuel tank.

Golf Yacht 


The M/Y Stargazer, otherwise known as the “Golf Yacht” is available for charter vacations in the USA and the Caribbean. The 180-footer was first introduced in 1964, but it was refitted in 2010. It features a bag room with a multitude of demo equipment options, roof-deck tee boxes, helipad, and professional golf coaching available upon request. The staff will make you feel right at home with first class service you’d find at only the most exclusive country clubs. 



While this isn’t the most glamorous yacht on this list, it certainly is up there with the most famous. Seafood, Al Czervik’s yacht from the golf cult comedy Caddyshack, was sold in real life at the end of 2016. The 1979 Striker was purchased in Annapolis, Maryland for $129,000 by MLB Umpire Joe West. There’s no word on whether or not that scratched anchor has been repaired.