Phoenix & The Top Destinations For Winter Golf

Unless you live in a place that is warm year-round, the winter can be a tough time for a golfer. Everyone else might be enjoying snowball fights and the holiday season, but even if you join them, your mind is still far away, in the warm sunshine, making its way around 18 holes. 

However, whether you live in the United States or somewhere else, this nation has a lot to offer the avid golfer, especially in the winter months. Here are some of the best places to golf during the winter.

Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona is the mecca for frozen golfers looking to thaw. In both Phoenix and nearby Scottsdale you have a handful of world class golfing venues, including the home of the Waste Management Phoenix Open.


Maui, Hawaii

It’s Hawaii, and that should be all the information that you need. But in case you require more persuading, Maui is home to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking course in not just the country, but the world. Wailea, The Dunes, and Kapalua, are just a few of the best.

Maui - Plantation Course at Kapalua

Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels is known for being a warm and sunny location, and the many beautiful beaches don’t harm its case for best summer location either. However, Los Angeles golf courses are also some of the best in the country, and there are a number to choose from.


Pinehurst, North Carolina

This city in North Carolina combines the luscious scenery of Oregon with the warm weather of Texas to make for the perfect golfing experience. Pinehurst has played host to major tournaments such as the PGA Championship, the Ryder Cup and the U.S. Open.


Pebble Beach, California

If you asked the next 10 people you see to name a famous golf course, there’s a good chance that, provided they know something about golf, they would answer with Pebble Beach. This is such an essential, “bucket list” golf course that you should make it your goal to visit. If it happens to be in the winter, so much the better!


San Francisco, California

San Francisco is not a place that is traditionally known for its warmth. In fact, it is usually more closely associated with bad weather, such as gloomy cloud cover or fog. However, in the winter, you will find that San Francisco is the perfect golfing venue for people who want to cool off a little, but not too much. Not to mention, Monterey has an excellent resort that deserves a visit.


San Diego, California

Another excellent winter destination, it is easy to see why San Diego attracts golfers. Torrey Pines is the standout course, but not the only one.


Anywhere, Florida

No, “Anywhere” is not a place name, but if you want to golf in the winter, there is only one state that provides you with this sort of variety and volume of quality golf courses. There is even a course on the Disney World resort, so you can go and enjoy the sport that you love while your family is meeting Mickey and co.


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