9 Best Amateur Golf Videos Of 2014

Maybe it was the explosion in use of GoPro cameras. Or just the sheer fact that more and more people walk around with a camera (phone) in their pocket every day. Whatever it is, it seems as if there was a deluge of amateur golf videos in 2014, many of them quite good.

The trick shot phenomenon reached a new level this year, so that helped in supplying YouTube with content. But many such videos are being professionally produced these days. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but few things can top the pure elation of seeing a couple guys or gals turn on their cameras and record something amazing.

We do our best to track such videos. So by our estimation, here are the 9 best amateur golf videos from 2014 – and the list doesn’t include fails, because those are so amusing they deserved their own recognition.

Longest, Greatest 3-Foot Birdie Putt Ever

Longest, Greatest Hole-In-One Ever

Ultimate Backyard Trick Shot

Brandt Snedeker Shoots Skeet With His 4-Iron

Juggling Pro Shop Workers Are Amazing

Bubba Watson Aces Backwards Putt Putt

Friends Team Up For Incredibly Timed Trick Shot

Three-Man Juggling Trick Shot Is The Best



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John Daly Tees Off From A Woman’s Mouth


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