9 Best Sportscaster Bloopers

There’s a reason I got into writing and not broadcasting – I don’t want to end up on a list like this. Because when you become a public figure, you open yourself up to public ridicule.

But I’ll be nice. It’s not easy talking on TV.

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We all could use a good laugh every now and then, and I received one when I came across the video of a sports broadcaster mispronouncing the Deutsche Bank Championship, which took place last weekend. From that alone you might be able to guess what he said. What’s classic is that he didn’t even stop to correct himself; he just kept rolling!

Here’s the video, which now ranks among our nine favorite sportscaster bloopers:

“Boom goes the dynamite” guy:

This woman actually lost her job following this slip:

Maybe Rick Reilly should stick to writing as well:

Going hoarse over horses:

Son of a… you’re live!

Not really a blooper, it just depends on where your mind is at:

Lou Holtz has a dirty mind:

What the …? Your mic is still on, rookie:

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