9 Best (Worst?) Golf Fails Of 2014

Back in the day, how many times did some crazy antic take place, something so incredible that your first reaction was, “I wish I had a video camera!”?

These days, just about everyone has a video camera, because just about everyone has a cell phone. And most of those cell phones are “smart,” which allows just about everyone to upload videos to the Internet. That can get you in trouble – ask Steve Nash – but it also can make for great videos to be enjoyed by thousands, if not millions, of people.

The best of these amateur videos? Fails. And because golf is such a hard game, it lends itself nicely to failure.

As such, here are the 9 most hilarious golf fail videos of 2014:

Happy Gilmore Fail

U.S. Soccer Star Sydney Leroux’s Happy Gilmore Fail

Pantless Golfer Falls Into Lake

Golfer Somehow Drives Tee, Misses Ball

Boy Somehow Drives Ball Into His Own Head

Brian’s Entire Golf Career In Two Minutes

Girl Nearly Falls Off Platform At TopGolf

Girl Ejected From Swerving Golf Cart

Man Falls Through Golf Shop Ceiling

OK, so that last one doesn’t really involve the game of golf, and it’s not exactly amateur video, but it’s definitely an unplanned fail caught on video. And the guy survived just fine.


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